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one last plea!

I have to try one more time.

Because honestly…I just don’t understand!

Why is THIS AMAZING LITTLE LADY still waiting?

Why has no family committed to her yet?

I don’t get it!

As a mom rearing three children who have Down syndrome–one high functioning and the other two not so much–I can tell that she is so smart!  For a child who has been brought up in an orphanage, she is amazingly high functioning.  A miracle, really.

How she will blossom in a family–even though she is older and has been institutionalized! 

Five months are all that remain for a family to adopt her!  That’s nothing in the world of adoptions.  The process is going to need to be expedited, but it can absolutely be done.  Unfortunately, every day that passes makes it that much more challenging.

Please would you share her need just one more time?  Please will you trust with me that God is moving on the hearts of a family even now?

Because my heart honestly cannot even go there…to the place where I consider what will become of her life if no one comes.

Now unto Him who is exceedingly, abundantly ABLE!