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One month!

How the cool girls bath

Haven has been a Salem for one month. In many ways it feels like she has been here forever, and in other ways it feels like we were in China yesterday. Soooooo much has happened in just one month.

Haven is making progress every day. She has slept in her own bed for two nights now….a major breakthrough for her. You may remember that she was absolutely terrified of sleeping alone. Hannah-Claire has been so kind and patient in sharing her bed with her sister. The first night Haven cried for just a little when she realized that we were going to put her in her own bed–last night when it was time for bedtime, she ran upstairs and climbed straight into her bed, she fell asleep almost immediately. Thank you Jesus!

Every little milestone she makes is such a blessing for us to witness. Her clothes are starting to go on the right way :), she is figuring out what the toilet is for…and how to use it, she is beginning to hold a pencil properly (not like a 9 month old), she is learning to put her shoes and socks on with little help. Each day brings new and exciting accomplishments. We see a strength in this child, an ability to adapt to new situations and give new things a try. She is tenacious and tries hard, she seems to learn quickly. I am amazed at her resilience after all she has endured in her short life. I know that ALL the delays that she is dealing with will, very soon, be a thing of the past.

We have started looking into speech therapy and intervention services. This is so new for Anthony and I–we are so clueless about how to teach Haven to speak. We have tried getting her to imitate us, but she has no idea what to do with her mouth and tongue to make the words come out. It is actually very cute watching her trying so hard to make the sounds come out. I believe with all my heart that she WILL get it, it is just going to take time.

We are blessed beyond words. Haven is a treasure. She is so comfortable with us and just loves her family. What a joy!