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one young man needs our prayers!

Friends, would you please pray for our dear friends, the Worthey family, and their precious Jacob?

This sweet boy has an incredible testimony. I will never forget the day his sweet mom shared with me what God was doing in their lives.  I was so moved at how God takes ordinary families and uses them to change the lives of children in such miraculous and unexpected ways.

A few years ago the Wortheys traveled overseas to adopt a little girl.  While at the orphanage they met a young boy (their daughter’s best friend in the orphanage) who asked them, “Please, take me to America too.”

Being the people who they are, they did just that!

They came home, started the paperwork process all over again, and went back and gave Jacob the absolute desire of his heart. Simply because God said so.

Jacob has been home for two years now and has recently been diagnosed with leukemia.  He has been in the hospital for over a month and has gone through the first round of chemotherapy. They are longing for Jacob to be able to come home (which is two hours away) and be his family.  But he cannot be released until his white blood cell count comes up.  Would you pray for that to happen soon, please?

I am amazed at how Jacob has embraced this tough road with such a good attitude.  He’s touching the lives of the hospital staff every day–even as he is quarantined in a hospital room. Sweet boy!

We’re trusting and believing for God’s HEALING hand to touch every part of Jacob that needs to be healed in the name of Jesus.  Please also pray for his amazing family who are commuting more than two hours away and juggling life in the midst of very difficult circumstances. 

Thank you for praying, Church!

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 You can follow along for updates on their blog HERE.