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our delight

Kael was born in 2004.  When he has just two years old, he was listed for international adoption.  To date, more than three thousand children have been registered for international adoption in the country of Bulgaria.  Kael was the THIRD child listed.

And he waited.

For more than six years he waited on a list to be chosen.

Sadly, Kael waited in one of the worst mental asylums in Bulgaria for a family to come for him.  It’s a sad, dark place.  A place where only the fittest survive. It’s a place where children are profoundly wounded–physically and emotionally.

But he did survive!

We saw his referral picture in 2012 as we were paper chasing for Hasya.  Two tiny pictures were all we had.


And a story that broke our hearts.

As we prayed, I will never forget a text I received from my husband one day that summer.

“He cannot be left behind!”

No, we absolutely could not leave behind the little boy who has Down syndrome and had waited for so many years for a family.  He was our ninth blessing from heaven.


And so we added Kael to our adoption journey.


God knew!  He knew that we needed this child.


He knew that our sweet Haven, who battles PTSD and does not connect with people very easily, would bond and love this boy with all of her heart. Their relationship is such a beautiful thing–a gift from heaven.


What a sweet joy Kael has been to our family!  A more mellow child is hard to find.  He just hangs out, goes where we go, and cannot get enough loves and cuddles.  Kael is slowly growing.  He is nearly eleven years old and weighs 40 pounds now–but he is getting bigger and we are so thankful for that.

He loves, loves, loves food!  Kael still doesn’t chew his food, so we keep his diet as soft as possible. He adores people, and in someone’s arms is where you will find him all the time. And he’s perfecting his walking skills too. Kael is completely non-verbal. He is absolutely delightful in every way.

He is a JOY.

I am so thankful that my husband heard God’s still, small voice leading us to add this treasure to our family.  I cannot imagine life without our tiniest boy here.  He is such a sweet blessing.


Happy two years HOME, sweet boy!

We are just overwhelmed with gratitude that you are ours.