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our little ray of sunshine

“How is Harper doing?” the e-mails have read.

I know. I know. Sweet Harper has been sorely missing on my blog recently.  With everything else happening in the last few weeks I just have not gotten around to posting much about my littlest angel.

So, how is the littlest member of the Salem family doing these day?

Well, amazingly, actually!

She is growing and blossoming before our eyes–and becoming more and more edible every day, of course.

Harper really is a little ray of sunshine in our lives.  She’s a chunky bundle of love, love, love.

She’s learning new things each and every day and is as smart as smart can be.  She loves to imitate us and will pretty much do anything we show her.  Her memory is amazing. 

Her vocabulary is coming along superbly.  We love hearing her sweet little voice.

Harper is such a happy little girl who loves people with all her heart.  If there are arms to hold her, you’ll find her there.  Thankfully for her, there really is never a lack of arms to hold her tight. 

You know what I have noticed about this daughter of ours?  She is such an amazing advocate for Down syndrome. This girl touches people’s hearts big time. She is just so sweet and so endearing that people cannot help but love her.  So many comment to us about how they never really knew anything about Down syndrome–or perhaps were even afraid to communicate with people blessed with the extra chromosome–until they met Harper.  She opens their eyes to the beauty that is Down syndrome.

Harper simply has a lovely way of making people say, “Wow, I just never knew how precious these children truly are.”  She changes people’s pre-conceived ideas about disability just but being who God has created her to be.  I love that.

Fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who does ALL things with excellence.

“Here, Mom.  Have a try!”

She’s a little minister, and she doesn’t even know it.

“Yayeeeee…..I am just so clever!”

Yes, sweetheart, you really are.

Clapping hands and waving goodbye (always accompanied by blowing a kiss) are two of her favorite things to do.

How blessed we are that the Lord gave us this precious little treasure.  There just are no words to express our gratitude.  She is such a joy and a delight–from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning until she falls into bed at night.


I cannot even tell you how many kisses those cheeks get every day–they’re scrumptious.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful gift.  We are eternally grateful that You chose us.

While many parents fret over what their children with “special needs” will become and what will happen to them in their lives, I really don’t.  I look at Harper and I know with all my heart that God’s plans and purposes for her are good.  No, they’re excellent, actually.  Simply because His Word says so!  I am so excited to watch her future unfold and to see how the Almighty Father will use her and where He will take her–whether it’s to work at a bookstore or at the local grocery store–I know it is all going to be good.  And I cannot wait to sit on the sidelines and cheer her on with everything I have.  Her future is bright and full of glorious opportunities and amazing possibilities. 

I know with absolute assurance that God will continue to use this sweet baby girl of ours to soften hearts and to show people that Down syndrome rocks!

Rock on, sweet lovie!