It’s hard to believe that three years have flown by since this precious boy joined our family.


What a sweet, sweet blessing Kael is to us!

He’s our resident snuggle bug–on a lap is where you will find him at any given opportunity.

LOVES food.  Though he cannot chew his food, he loves his diet of soft foods and can drink a bottle of juice faster than anyone.

At almost twelve years old, he weighs just 42 pounds.  And that’s okay.  He’s growing slowly but surely and is super healthy.  And every day he gets a little stronger as he walks more and more.  He still can’t do longer distances, but he’s getting it–mastering his new walking skills.

And he’s happy.  So very happy.


His giggle is infectious and his smile just beautiful.

Kael is absolutely blossoming in school.  He loves it and is making some steady progress. Considering his horrendous past, he is doing miraculously well.  We are so very thankful for every milestone he reaches and every obstacle he overcomes.


I will never forget the note Anthony sent me when we were prayerfully considering adding a ninth child to our family.

“He cannot be left behind.”

No, he couldn’t. God knew!  This darling little guy just needed arms to hold him and a chance to become all who God had created him to be.  When I think about where he came from–the dark mental asylum he called home for too many years–I am just overwhelmed with gratitude that he is here with us.

Learning to sign more.


Thank you, Father God, for this precious gift and blessing.  Our hearts overflow with praise and thanks to the ONE who held our boy in the palm of His hand for all those years.

Keep growing, sweet boy!  And we’ll be there to cheer you on every tiny step of the way.