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Some days I look around at the things going on in this crazy world that we live in and my heart grows faint. Some days discouragement feels like a close companion. Some days life just doesn’t go according to the way we had so hoped, and we wish we could have a redo. Some days we ache for those who are struggling terribly and prayer just doesn’t feel like it’s enough, but deep down, we know it is. The seasons of life. We were promised they would happen.

And then I open her backpack and fight back tears.

This child of mine. She’s only had a new name for eight months. She doesn’t use many words to communicate and struggles with speech. She’s moved and adjusted to life in a new family. She’s started at a new school and learned that they love her madly. She’s overcome more obstacles than most nine-year-old children have.

Yet, in spite of it all, she’s a little ray of sunshine that shines so very brightly. She’s fiercely determined and never gives up trying. She pours her whole heart into everything that she does and is a helper second to none. There’s nothing she isn’t capable of and she thrives on learning new things (and hugs!). When she falls down, doesn’t succeed, makes a mistake or gets her feelings hurts, she picks herself right back up and gets on with life with joy indescribable. She’s resilient and loves to boldly pray with all of her heart (loudly!). She’s taken the noise level in our home up a notch (or ten) with her cheerful, outgoing, happy chatter and giggles. Sweet music to our ears.

This child of mine. She never, ever gives up.

She’s been practicing for such a long time and finally she mastered it. Such a sweet victory and a huge milestone!

They often tell us how blessed our children are to have a family. That’s true for any orphan adopted into a family who adores them and helps them to become all that they can be. But for me….the biggest blessing ever is for me! My children are my greatest teacher. How much I can learn from this sweet little girl of ours! Her resilience, her courageous heart, and her ability to look beyond any circumstances or struggles and focus on all that is good inspires me daily. Her radiant joy and her passionate love for life touch me so deeply.

She loves with an unconditional, tender heart. Always. I have so, so much to learn.

No label or disability will ever hold her back.

Keep shining brightly, my sweet Hunter!  You are treasured beyond words and such a precious gift to our family.