an overdue update

Sorry to keep you all waiting on our adoption update.  Thank you to everyone who has asked about what is happening.

If you read my post last Wednesday, you will already know that our police clearance was the wrong one we needed for our dossier. The girl’s country said NO!  It turns out that we had been issued a police clearance from the wrong department. Initially we thought it would be an easy fix. But is anything that involves government departments ever easy?

We all know the answer to that question.

Anthony drove to their office two hours away and begged them to PLEASE help us out. I got on the phone and begged them to help us.  Our social worker also phoned and begged and pleaded.  We did an insane amount of begging last Wednesday.

Every single plea fell on deaf ears. The government would not budge. They would NOT reissue the correct document…even though they already had our fingerprints in their computer system.  Nice.

The one and only way around the disaster was for us to go through the entire police clearance application again. We rushed over to our local police station on Wednesday evening and got refingerprinted.  The application was sent overnight to Denver on Thursday morning.

Together with our application, we sent a hand-written note explaining the mix up and asking for them to please expedite the process. Then we prayed with all our hearts…that the application would fall into the hands of someone compassionate. Such a similar situation to the one we had here.

Now we wait. The average time it takes to receive police clearances back is five weeks.  Oh my goodness, that would be such a huge setback. We are still praying for an April travel date.

We’re standing in the gap again, friends, trusting for the Father to move yet another mountain on our behalf.  Easy for Him, right?

In my heart of hearts I know that the victory will be HIS. I know that this is just another opportunity for God to get ALL the glory.

Truthfully though, I cannot wait to get past the paperwork.  I just feel so weary from all the changes that have had to be made to our dossier.  I know it is all part of adoption.  But this has been so much more challenging than our first two Chinese adoptions.  I guess it just feels harder because we had to get through my citizenship paperwork in addition to adoption paperwork.  By no means has it been an easy ride.

We’re pressing in and pressing on…trusting the Lord with all our hearts as we journey to bringing our precious angels home. We did not give up in the beginning when it looked next to impossible that we could ever adopt Hailee…and we’re not about to give up now.

The enemy is defeated!

While I wait, I’m in nesting mode. I feel like I’m pregnant and need to start getting ready for the arrival of twins.  I have so much I need to do.  Both the girls will be so tiny, and we did not keep any baby stuff.  Never thought we would ever go back to the baby stage again.  We’re starting all over. Cribs, a double stroller, high chairs, baby toys, diapers. Oh my goodness…best I start shopping.

I have absolutely no idea what size Hailee and Harper will be, so I probably need to wait on buying the clothes. What will they eat?  Will they drink out of bottles?  Will they even know how to eat solid food? Can Harper sit on her own, or walk? I know Hailee won’t be able to do either. So many things I just don’t know.

Thank you for your love, and your support. It means the absolute world to me.