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overwhelmed–by His love… and yours

Oh my goodness—I am so overwhelmed by the love you all showered on me when I shared my heart yesterday. I am so touched by each and every nugget of wisdom, experience and encouragement from the Lord you all shared with me. It really was like cool water poured out on a thirsty land. The Father knew I needed to hear it in the midst of such an emotional time.

Of course the enemy would love to see us defeated, questioning our decision to bring Hailee home and surrounded by a cloud of doubt. But no way, sweet friends. We are rising up with increased determination and passion. I have realized something about the comments that many of you shared. There is a common thread that runs through what you said–this is a spiritual battle we are up against for the lives of these children. The battle for orphans is a very real thing. Those who step out and do it come up against such opposition. I have even read countless stories of people coming up against opposition from their CHURCHES! Lord have mercy.

In the last few weeks I have received so many amazing e-mails from people who have it in their hearts to adopt a child. A supernatural birthing in their hearts of the desire to add to their families through the blessing that is adoption. And while they are so eager to get the process going–there seem to be never ending obstacles that stand in their way. Yes–the battle rages.

Does it surprise us that so many people face such hardships as they step out to be obedient to do what God has TOLD them to do? Not at all. As Anthony and I have traveled and ministered in various places around the world, we have learned one thing–that when we step out in faith and do something the Father tells us to do, we WILL [not maybe, not perhaps, not kind of] come up against opposition. No doubt about it. It happens every single time. Is it some coincidence that unforeseen obstacles and mountains stand in our way, seemingly preventing us from fulfilling the will of God? Absolutely NOT. The enemy is subtle, friends. He comes to steal, kill and destroy–and that includes every plan, every purpose, every dream and every desire God has breathed into your heart. It’s time to protect the things the Almighty tells us to do–protect them with a passion.

I believe with all my heart that there is a mighty wave flowing across the Church–many are stepping out in faith and pursuing adoption. But, it is not without sacrifice. Here’s the thing–there is always a price to pay when we follow Jesus with all our hearts, serving Him with reckless abandon. There is a cost–and many of you have counted that cost, as you shared with me. But, the rewards we seek are not earthly treasures or affirmation from man (or family). I have honestly come to a place in my life where, if I loose every single person I am close to simply because they cannot accept the call on our lives–well, so be it. I cannot help that. I would much rather be faithful to my God, than give in to what people in my life feel is the ‘right’ thing for me and my family. Friends, there will always be a cost to following Jesus–but He paid the ultimate price, made the ultimate sacrifice just for me–so why can’t I do it for Him?


Now for something completely different…

Through the amazing (and very small) world that is blogging, some time ago I met the most wonderful person who has become a sweet friend. Kelly is one seriously gifted mommy. She makes the most awesome girly hair bows. Good heavens, I look at her creations and wonder ‘how in the world does she do that?’ Not only is she a very gifted SAHM, but she also has such a passion for the waiting children of the world and cannot wait to add to her family through adoption. What a blessing she is.

Kelly is on a mission to help us bring Hailee home. The Lord spoke to her heart. All the profits that she makes off her orders until July 22 will go to our adoption fund. How amazing is that? I am so deeply touched that God would tell her to do that for us.

Kelly’s on-line store is called Girly Girl Bowtique. If you feel led, would you consider supporting Kelly…and us? If you have girls, go and have a look at the stunning things Kelly makes. She even made a little button to share what she is doing with others…I have had to put it on the sidebar because for the life of me I cannot figure out how to put it here….I know, seriously computer challenged!

Thank you, Kelly, for your support. We are so thankful to the Lord that He chose you to be His instrument to help us bring Hailee home.


Oops, I need to bring a little clarification to a wee error I made in my post yesterday.

Where I come from, well, we use some words that Americans would have no idea what they meant. Seriously, South Africans almost have an English language all of their own. So, when I write here, I make an effort to remind myself to use words that you all understand–oh, and I try to spell the American way too, for the most part. But this morning I got an e-mail from a dear friend bringing my attention to a ‘mistake’ I had made. I totally laughed…

I wrote this…We’re pressing in and pressing on. Like a race horse running around the track, we have our blinkers on, and we are NOT being distracted by the things that could cause discouragement and doubt.

What in the world are ‘blinkers’???? Um, well, those are what we, down in the Southern Hemisphere, call those little thingymajiggys that go on the sides of race horse’s eyes. Aaahh—‘blinders’ I am told!

So, for those of you who were confused–now you know! And you just learned a South African word 🙂