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Things have been quiet here on my blog, I know.  Truth be told, I have just needed some time to pause and take deep breaths after a very crazy month.  I am so behind on everything.  It has been one of those times when I have needed to be still and find rest in knowing that my God is more than able to carry every care and every burden on my heart.

I sincerely apologize if you have written to me recently and not received a response.  Life has been so busy with everything we have going on right now and unfortunately the thing that always has to take a back seat is my e-mail.  I just don’t have enough hours in the day to respond to all the e-mails I get.  Please know that I pray about every single request I get to help families and children who are in desperate need.  My heart aches that I cannot help more people, more often.  I just don’t know how to do that.  I wish I could do more. Thanks for understanding that it is humanly impossible for me to respond to everyone in this season of my life.  I do, however, read all the e-mails I get and you are more than welcome to write to me anytime. I love hearing from you.
I have an idea and have been thinking about doing something a little different here on my blog.  I’ll be back soon to ask your opinion.

May the Everlasting Father be your everything this day!