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a plea for help

Hello friends.

Today I come to you with a few requests.  The needs are great.  But so is our God!

Last week one precious family traveled to a land far away to adopt their sweet little boy. They went to court. After five hours of being questioned by the judge, the answer was NO! They were denied. They were told that they could not adopt sweet K. “Sure–go ahead and adopt a ‘healthy’ child. But children with Down syndrome are better off in an institution.”

So sad.

The little lovie was denied the RIGHT to have a family.

Oh, God in heaven!

The thing is, there is so much more to this than just a judge making a terrible, terrible mistake.

Anyone who has ever stepped out to adopt a child can testify to the fact that from the moment you say, “Yes” to that child, all hell breaks loose.  Why?  Because “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms,” as it says in Ephesians.

The enemy HATES adoption! Every family enters into an intense spiritual battle when they try to adopt a child. The enemy WILL throw his fiery darts their way. He will try everything possible to get the adoption to fail. It is a fact!

Adoption is not just about bringing a child into the loving arms of parents–it’s about snatching a child out of darkness and bringing them into HIS glorious light. 

But it’s a battle from Day One.

Please pray, friends. This precious family is in the process of appealing this horrible decision. They have to wait two weeks to hear the verdict. And while they wait, the mighty army of God PRAYS!

Please pray that the hearts of ALL who make decisions on behalf of this sweet little boy will be soft and open to doing the right thing. Pray that the enemy will be scattered and that his evil plans will be thwarted. Pray for the family as they wait, that they will have peace that passes all understanding. And pray for little K as he waits on the other side of the world, that the Lord will wrap His arms around him and hold him tightly. 

This is huge, not just for the family wanting so desperately to bring their sweet son home but also for the countless other families that will follow and adopt from the same region.

“Mountain, be moved!”

He who holds the hearts of kings in his hands is ABLE!

The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD,
Like the rivers of water;
He turns it wherever He wishes.
Proverbs 21:1



I know of a few families who URGENTLY require funds before they travel to adopt their precious children.  These families are significantly short of what they still require to complete their adoptions.

I often get asked if I think that every family should adopt a child.  No, I don’t.  I do think that every family should have an open heart about it and be willing, should God lead them down that road.  But I don’t necessarily think God calls every family to bring a child into their family through adoption.  What I do believe, though, is that we are all called to do something.  “Caring for the widows and the orphans” in the book of James can look different to all of us. 

One way to help is financially.  Adoption costs are insane (yes, it is unfair, but it is just the way it is).  We see it as “ransom” to save the life of a child.  Even if we are not called to adopt, or are not in a season to adopt, sowing seed into someone else’s adoption is huge, friends.  Each and every contribution we make is seed that God multiplies, and multiplies, and multiplies. 

Please stop by these families’ blogs and prayerfully consider sowing seed into their adoptions.  Please help these beautiful children, who all have special needs, to come home as soon as possible.  All these families are racing against the clock–time is ticking by and they need our help.

The Beamish family is leaving in just a few days to bring their angel, Kameron, home. They are nearly on a plane heading overseas. But, they still need $15,000!  Sound like a lot?  NOT for the body of Christ.  All contributions will add up so quickly and have them fully funded in no time.  Please, please let’s help them get that amount of money that they so desperately need. All things are possible.

Jon and Angie have been matched with a baby who has many special needs and will be born soon in the U.S.  They are currently giving away an iPad and a whole lot of other awesome prizes.  Please consider helping them out.  They need to come up with $10,000 in a huge hurry to make this adoption possible.  Sadly, not many people have contributed to their adoption yet.  Please can we change that? 

The Higbie family has been put in a very tough spot by their agency, which requires this family to be fully funded by the end of this month in order to proceed with their adoption to bring their sweet daughter home.  They still need a huge amount of money!  They are adopting a sweet little girl who has been overlooked so many times by other families.  Her name is Lera and she is just as sweet as can be.  The Higbie family needs $9,000 in just 11 days.  A fabulous giveaway is happening on their blog right now.

The Silva family are adopting a sweet little boy named Noah.  He is in Eastern Europe.  They are trying to get to him as soon as possible and still need a lot of the money. Noah is in an orphanage which is known to not take good care of its children.  They have a fabulous giveaway happening–an awesome Nikon camera (with case and lenses) up for grabs.  Please prayerfully consider helping them.  I know they would be so thankful.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.