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please help!

Dear friends,

I have made so many amazing friends through blogging. I was just sharing with my dear hubby last night that I feel so blessed by the sweet relationships I have made. Most of you I have never met in person, but feel like I know you so intimately, just from following your journeys in the Lord.

Such a delight.

One of those people is my friend Elisabeth. She and her family have such HUGE hearts. They are fighting to bring their sweet daughter home from the Ukraine. Ruslana has Down Syndrome. They are racing against the clock to get to her before it is too late, and she is transferred to an institution. If that were to happen, not only would it be horrible for Ruslana, but it makes the adoption very tricky.

Elisabeth is hosting an amazing giveaway. Some fabulous prizes. But she needs our help. I know that any donation will be so greatly appreciated.

They are fighting for life!

Please, dear friends, help spread the word about this amazing family and their rush to raise the funds they need so that they can get to Ruslana just as soon as possible. Please grab their ‘fight for life’ button on the left hand column and help get the news out there. I know Elisabeth will greatly appreciate it.

You guys are the best!