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please pray for Lily

Very early on Friday morning my friend Rachel’s little Lily will finally, after three years of waiting, undergo major open heart surgery.

I shared a bit of Lily’s story HERE. I will never forget the day I stood at the airport and watched Chris and Rachel introduce their tiny little girl to friends and family.  Honestly?  I could not believe Lily had even survived the long journey home.  A very complex heart condition had left her so frail and weak–unable to even hold her head up.

It has taken three years to get Lily to this point–to where her heart and lungs are strong enough to undergo a very risky procedure to try and repair her heart.

Lily on the right with her new brother Cole (just home from China). 

This surgery can give Lily many more beautiful years with her family who adore her.

Would you please pray for this little girl and her family on Friday?  I love them dearly!  Knowing her mama’s tender heart, I know this much-anticipated day will be very hard.

Thankfully, they know the ONE who holds their sweet little angel in the palm of his hand…and they trust Him completely.

Trusting that THE HEALER will breathe LIFE into every part of Lily’s weak heart that so desperately needs a touch from Him.

What a little miracle girl she is!  Lily has come so far in the last three years.

I will post updates on Facebook as I get them. 

Rachel will also keep her blog updated as she is able.  You can follow along HERE.

Thank you for your prayers for Lily and her sweet family.