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praise and prayer

So many of you have written to ask me.

Has he?

Did he?

YES!  God heard the cries of our hearts and He answered.

I am so, so excited to share with all of you that sweet Kristopher has a family!  Hallelujah!

THANK YOU for sharing his story.  Thank you for praying and for believing with me that this little lovie would not be left behind. He is NOT forsaken!

God has raised up such a wonderful family for Kristopher. What a beautiful little blessing he is going to be for them!  I cannot wait to see him home!

I will keep you all posted on how things unfold.


Also, would you please pray for three precious little angels who so desperately need a healing touch from the Father?  My heart is so heavy for the many little ones who are struggling with horrible sicknesses and are in the hospital tonight.  These three children all have special needs and are having a very hard time right now–as are their amazing parents.

This is darling Mattie.  He has had such a rough start in life and spent months and months in ICU.  This week Mattie got horribly sick again and is back in the hospital.  Please pray!  It has been a very long and tiring road for his mommy and daddy.  Sweet boy is a fighter, that’s for sure.  Please pray that he overcomes this setback quickly and will be back to his happy little self soon so that his family can be reunited.

You can follow his mom’s blog right here for updates.

Lillian, whom I shared about last Friday, is still struggling, friends.  So many of you prayed for her when she was airlifted to the hospital.  It’s been a hard week for precious Lillian.  Yesterday she was discharged from hospital, but things have not been good.  Today she ended up back in the emergency room.  Lillian has also had a very rough start in her little life and we’re believing that she will be completely healed, in the name of Jesus.

Updates on Lillian will be posted here on her mommy’s blog.

Tonight we are also crying out for sweet Maia.  This beautiful little girl started having seizures this week.  She was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency brain surgery.  Her parents were told that the surgery went well.  But today Maia started seizing again and they have not been able to control them.  Things are so uncertain right now and Maia too needs a healing touch from the ONE who is able.

Please pray, friends.  You can follow along here where Maia’s mom is updating on how we can pray specifically.

Thank you for praying for each one of these precious blessings.  Each one created in the image of a God who adores them.  Each sweet angel with a destiny and a purpose!

Standing and believing for their HEALING!