praise be to Him who sits upon the throne

Last night I shared a great need and wondered, “How, LORD?”

Thousands and thousands of dollars were still needed with so few hours left to raise it.

Over the past thirteen hours, I have watched in amazement as the funds poured in like beautiful manna from heaven.

HOPE for the 300 children STUCK in Russia.

HOPE for the parents who are fighting with everything they have to bring their children HOME.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to every single person who sowed such precious seed to join the fight for these children–some out of abundance, some out of lack, EVERY PENNY out of sheer obedience.  Thank you to everyone who shared–my Facebook went crazy!  And thank you for your prayers. I can never thank you enough.

They are NOT forsaken, these children robbed of their forever families.

The money has been raised as God’s army rallied in astounding ways today.  This campaign to set the children in Russia free will continue.

Please, please keep praying for this cause.  I will definitely keep you all posted as I get news from some of my friends who are standing on the front line…going to the ends of the earth and back again for the sake of the ones they left behind.

Standing in faith with these parents, we will NOT back down!

He who sits upon the throne is MIGHTY TO SAVE.