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Pray together, please?

This is Elizabeth again, Adeye is driving right this moment from her home to the Children’s Hospital in Denver with Hasya.  Remember way back when Adeye went to meet Hasya, on her first trip, and learned that she had broken her leg?  Well, yesterday and last night, Hasya was obviously in pain, and very early this morning her femur, which had obviously never fully healed, broke again.  Splintered.

Adeye was at her side when it happened, and knew right away what was wrong.  They rushed her immediately to the local hospital where X rays confirmed what Adeye told the doctors.

There are various possibilities about why her leg re-broke… we will know more later today.  Most likely as she has grown and gotten stronger (such a miracle!!!) her fragile bone just couldn’t withstand the contractile force of her own bigger, more powerful muscle pulling on it.   But we know she’s had pain from this leg for the longest time, and now it’s going to get fixed.

This femur fracture is complex and must be treated with surgery.   The pediatric orthopedic specialists in Denver are going to take care of her, she is too fragile for the folks at the local hospital.   Remember how difficult surgery was for Hasya last time, with the troubles with the IV and the breathing tube?  This is why we need to pray together, right now.

We need to pray for Adeye, driving in the mountains with her child, having had no sleep all night.

We need to pray for Hasya, who is pain and must be so scared….  and pray for complete and total  healing of this fracture and any other hidden fractures that they may find.

We need to pray for the medical team, the orthopedists and the anesthesiologists, that God will guide them and inspire them.  In particular, we need to pray that they get IV access easily, with as little trauma to Hasya as possible, and that they can intubate her safely and efficiently on the first attempt.  We also need to pray for wisdom.  Even though they are big deal fancy specialists, they admitted when Adeye and Hasya were there last time that they had never taken care of a child just like her before…. But God has, so we will pray that he shows them exactly what to do.

We need to pray for Anthony and the children at home, that they might be brave and strong with Adeye and Hasya so far away again.

I will update as soon as I have any further information.   Thank you.