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prayer request

Good morning, friends.

I just wanted to stop by quickly and ask if you would please join your prayers with ours.  Last week I heard from our attorney in Bulgaria that we have been given the “verbal referral” to adopt Hasya and Kael.  Unfortunately, the piece of paperwork that needs to be signed which will give me permission to make the first trip is still sitting on someone’s desk–just waiting to be signed.

Oh, how we’re praying for that one piece of paperwork to be signed in a hurry!  It will be a huge step forward in the process to bring our children home. Our attorney is doing everything she possibly can to speed things along, and for that we are so very thankful.

Obviously we are absolutely aching to get Hasya home as soon as possible–it is beyond human understanding how she is still alive. Each day is like precious gold to this tiny little girl. As far as we know, she is still in the same condition and continues to hang on. How desperately she needs to be rescued!

Our attorney also confirmed something that we have been told by many others–Kael also needs OUT! He is also in such an awful, awful place.  Sadly, the longer he remains there, the harder it is going to be for him to adjust to his new life once home.  The children in the adult mental institution where he lives have a survival of the fittest mentality and they are very rough!

As horrible as it is, we’re praying that they keep Kael IN a crib–away from the harsh influences of his surroundings. The confines of a crib will protect him and the longer he stays there, the better. Sadly, a few families have had to turn down referrals from this place once they meet the children.  Kael has only been in this mental asylum since last September.  Every day that he is there counts. We need to get him out as soon as possible!  I am told that the staff who work at this heinous place cannot fathom how Americans would choose to adopt these children!

Well, we do!  Because this life matters. And we absolutely cannot wait to bring him home.

Would you please pray with us that we get the signature we need this week?  Hopefully once we have that, I will be able to get a pretty quick travel date for the first trip (I will need to make two).

Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for our sweet children waiting for us overseas.  Thank you for praying for their protection until we can finally bring them home.  It means the world to us.

Standing on His promise that if He cares for the sparrow…how much more He cares for these two precious blessings!  Though my heart is aching to hold my sweet children and get them out of those awful places, I choose this day to put my faith and trust in the ONE who is able to move each and every mountain which stands in our way.  He is able!

Blessing the name of the Lord.