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Q and A

I get e-mails (and sometimes comments too) where friends, both old and new, ask me questions about my life and the choices we make for our family. I try to answer them all. But, well, somehow I just don’t find enough hours in the day to do all the things I would love to do.

So, I thought I would answer some of the more frequent questions I get here.

Please know that the choices we make are because that is what we feel God has called us to do–not because we are legalistic in believing there is no other way. This is just the journey the Lord has us on.

How do you pronounce my name?

I get this one A LOT.

I know, I know, my dear mother had a weird idea when she named me. It is pronounced U-day-U. There is actually an accent on the first ‘e’ to make the ‘a’ sound. But I have no idea how to do an accent on the computer. If you’ve ever wondered how in the world to pronounce my name, you are not alone! I get it ALL the time.

While recently filling in some of the paperwork to become a citizen, there was a little space where they gave me the opportunity to change my name. Mmmmm, the thought did cross my mind. Mary or Sue seems so much easier. Somehow I just don’t feel like a Sue or a Mary–so I guess I’m stuck with the name I got.

How is Haven doing?

Thank you to all you kind and caring friends who ask me this. I have a lot to say about sweet little Haven–but I’m going to wait just a few more weeks before I give you a detailed rundown. Her gotcha day anniversary (the day we adopted her) is coming up soon–the perfect time to fill you in.

Do I miss the mission field?

Oh my gosh, YES! I really do. I miss living in a third world country. But, the Lord has done an amazing thing in my heart. After struggling for years to find contentment in where God has us–I have finally found it. As much as I miss the life that we lived on the mission field, I know God has us right here. Why are we here? I have no idea. But there are many things in life we just don’t need to understand…trusting and being obedient is the only thing that really matters to me. He has done great things in my heart.

Where were our children born?

Our two oldest sons were born in South Africa. They were 2 and 10 months old when we moved to Australia. Our third son was born in America. And obviously the girls were adopted from China.

You mentioned eating healthy food, what do you feed your family?

Phew, I had better save that for a post of it’s own. I will tell you that I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years now. Not because I am against eating meat (I do cook it for my family), just because I’m a bunny hugger who chooses not to eat an animal. I do cook a lot of veggie meals. My kids have been raised that way and will happily eat salad for dinner. We keep sugar and dairy to an absolute minimum. For the most part, we watch what we put into our bodies. Our kids do have treats, but that’s what they are–occasional treats.

I can share lots of recipes with you. Also some of the excellent healthy products we have found to substitute the not-so-good things available. For me, it is all about making healthy choices–and teaching my children to do the same.

How did Anthony and I meet?

You can read our journey in the Lord here. I posted some pictures from our past in that post and wrote about how God brought Anthony and I together.

How many children do we want to have?

I always thought I had that question all figured out. I always thought I would have 2–that was all I could handle. Then God got a hold of my heart and changed me from the inside out. A few years ago He asked me to surrender this one thing to Him–the thing that I had such control of…our family size. I did (very reluctantly at first). I gave the size of our family to the Father–completely. He knows that our hearts are so yielded to Him in this. How many? I have no idea. I only know that our hearts are open to what God wants. He knows we will never turn His blessings away–ever!

Are we nervous about adopting a Down Syndrome child?

Yes and no. Special needs adoptions are not new to us. But this one is different. Something new, something we know nothing about. I do get a little fearful when I sit and think about how hard it could be. But, God always brings me back to Him, to the One who has called us and equipped us with everything we need to parent this little girl. Will the road be easy? Probably not. But sometimes the most challenging things I go through in my life are also the most rewarding. I know God will give us everything we need to be good parents to Hailee–with Him we know we can do all things.

Why did we choose to home school?

Simply because I love being with my children every day. I have nothing against public school, obviously other than the fact that God is not welcome there.

I do love teaching my children, and learning right along with them. Our days together are so much fun. I love that they get to learn about the birds and the bees from us, not on the playground. I love that the Word of God comes first–everything else is second.

Home schooling is not for everyone. God has every family on their own journey. We just have to seek Him on what that looks like for our families.

Okay–enough for now. Hope you’re having a very blessed weekend, friends. It’s just me and my girls this weekend. Anthony has taken the boys on their annual boy camping trip. Boys only stuff. I bet they’re making the most wonderful memories together. I can hardly wait to hear all about their adventures on Sunday. God is just so good to us.