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quick update–please pray!

I am so, so grateful that many of you are reaching out to Jacob.  Thank you!

Please keep praying, friends.  This family is walking an extremely tough road.  They are tired and extremely stretched right now.  Trying to take care of their son while living two hours away (and having other children at home) is very hard. Added to that the pain and emotions that go with having such a sick child–I just cannot imagine!

Jacob’s mom explained to me that these weeks of chemo are such a critical time in Jacob’s treatment. They have been trying to keep him as well as possible and free of any more infections. And so when I read this latest update today, my heart ached for him.

A quick update from Jacob’s mom…

“Jacob was rushed back to ICU this morning around 3:00. A call from the doctor says that he has an infection in his central line. That is where the Ecoli is. They are taking his line out in hopes to get a handle on this infection. This is a HUGE set-back. Please pray!”

Poor boy has been in and out of ICU.  He just cannot seem to catch a break. Storming heaven for this young man and his family.  Thank you for joining us and for your outpouring of love, body of Christ.  It means so much to the Worthey family.

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