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~~~  I have received so, so many requests to help families who are fundraising for an adoption.  Goodness, I wish there were more that I could do to help.  I must confess that this is a very tough thing for me.  My heart longs to help–but I am just one mom with a blog. God has given me the most amazingly generous group of believers who follow along here.  I try to be a good steward of that. It’s a fine line–a balance I struggle to find. If I ever find a way to help more families more frequently, I will absolutely do that.  Please know that my family prays for all families who are in the process of fundraising.  We know and understand with all of our hearts how challenging it is trusting the LORD for every dollar to pay for an adoption.  Thankfully, we know the ONE who is exceedingly, abundantly able! Thanks for understanding.

~~~  Many of you have reached out to ask if my family is okay with everything we have going on right now.  Yes, we really are.  I will definitely share our journey more in the weeks to come.  Right now we are just seeking the face of the ONE who is faithful to lead us, guide us, and show us His perfect will for our lives. Saying “Yes” to the Lord does not mean easy–it only means, “Have Your way, Father!”

~~~  We have had a few warmish days and it has been such a blessing to finally get the little ones out in the sunshine.

~~~  We are so looking forward to our vacation and getting away for a few days next month.  God’s provision astounds me!

~~~  And just like that, it happened! Connor is officially taller than me.  Love my oldest boy madly.  He is looking so much like his handsome daddy, I think.

~~~ Starting next Monday I will be doing a special adoption feature here on my blog. Each week I am going to highlight a specific aspect of adoption or a particular special need and ask many of you to link your own blog or any resources that you may have to that post (much the same as I did last Monday). I have realized more and more how much people are looking for support and encouragement and I hope this will help to connect many of you with others journeying down the same road as you are.

~~~ All of Kael’s recent lab work looks great!  Considering where he came from and how malnourished he is, that’s pretty amazing.  He’s a tough little guy.  Now we just need to get some meat on his skinny little bones and get him walking.  He is so much stronger than he was three months ago but still cannot walk.  He’s trying though. Trying hard!  He is an absolute joy and delight to our family. 

~~~  Hailee’s firm belief that clothes are put on only to be taken off is just the silliest thing.  She just cannot keep her clothes (or diaper!) on. Makes for interesting days.  I’m a mama on a mission…on the hunt for tiny suspenders to prevent Miss Mini Houdini from taking off anything and everything.  Although, knowing her ridiculous tenacity, I’m sure that soon enough she will figure out a way to get out of those too.

~~~  For the first time since coming home, Hasya is finally sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!

That’s it for now.  Thank you for choosing to journey with my family.  We appreciate you all so very much.