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recently I’ve been…

~~~  Making a list and checking it fifty times!  SO much to do before I leave for Bulgaria in just 7 days!  Praying that God will multiply my time.

~~~  Ordering school books galore. It is totally outrageous what homeschool books cost!

~~~  Thrilled that my big kids are home after their little trip.  They had a fabulous time in VA.  I missed them terribly but loved that they were able to spend time with precious friends. 

~~~  Grateful for amazing friends in my life.  People who love me unconditionally, speak the truth when I need to hear it, extend me much grace when needed, and always point me to the ONE who is my more than enough.  They are like gold to me.

Girls!  No one can multi-task like a girl!

~~~  Organizing a schedule for my family for when I’m gone–school, friends to come and help on the days when Anthony cannot be home, meals, appointments, therapies.  I am so thankful that God has all the details (which are a concern to me!) already taken care of.  I love it that He is even in the most tiny of concerns on my heart

~~~  Rejoicing that Hailee has finally reached a milestone in her growth! It took a while, but she finally did it! I’ll share soon.

~~~  Making the most of the last days of summer.

~~~  So looking forward to holding Hasya and Kael in my arms.  Some have written to ask me how I am feeling about meeting Hasya–especially after seeing Amelia’s (who comes from the same orphanage) condition.  I will share my heart on that soon.

~~~  Loving our newly painted yellow house.

~~~  Thoroughly enjoying my dreadfully early morning gym workouts.  I am feeling so much healthier, stronger, and I have way more energy.  The challenge of living a more disciplined life has been so good for me.  I must admit that the thought of heading out the door when it’s still dark, snowy, and zero degrees outside, well, let’s just say that that will, without a doubt, be my greatest challenge.

~~~  Thankful for God’s amazing provision in our lives.

~~~  Marveling at how quickly Harper is learning new things.  She is such a smart little girl.

~~~  Feeling so awful that my inbox is literally busting at the seams and I simply cannot find the time to respond to everyone. I am so sorry. I fail!

~~~  Praying that God would protect my heart as I visit Hasya and Kael’s orphanages.  They are both in horrible places!  The thought of having to leave my children there for a few more months is hard enough…but knowing that I will see so many others who will not be able to leave with me when I am finally able to take Kael and Hasya OUT forever…oh my goodness!  I cry just thinking about it.

~~~  Looking for some excellent books to read.  Got some great ideas on Facebook when I asked for friends to share. If you’ve read any amazing, inspirational, challenging books recently, would you please leave a comment with the name?  Thanks!

~~~  Pondering His faithfulness!

The Lord is my shepherd!  I shall NOT want.