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recently I’ve been

Way too much, actually.  I have this little obsession thing with paint.  The problem is that I adore change.  Painting, moving furniture around, changing the bed linen–all that kind of stuff–I LOVE.  So things don’t really stay the same for very long around here.
It’s just my obsession thing.
(My hubby is convinced that if he sits in the same place for just a tad too long, he’ll either be painted, moved around, or packed away.)
This was a fun little project that worked well…
A tin of chalkboard paint on a lonely wall = hours of entertainment.  
The kids love it.

The next project, however, not so good.

I changed the paint color in our kitchen eat-in area last weekend.  It used to be kind of a burnt orange. I felt like a radical change, and that’s exactly what I got.  Now it’s purpley–a tad toooo purple for my liking.  So I spent last week studying and examining paint samples.  I like orange.  I thought I’d go back to orange, but make it a wee bit brighter than it was.  So I found just the right color on Saturday.  I came home with a tin of my delightful color choice and started to paint a small part of the wall.

Dear hubby walks in the door and takes one look at my fabulous orange color…

“What in the world is THAT!”

“Um, that’s orange paint, Hon.”

“Yes, I can see that.  I really don’t like it!  My mother used that in the 70’s in our kitchen and I hated it then, and still do.”

Eeek–the 70’s???

(Now, for Anthony to actually tell me that he hates it–well, he must really hate it!  He is so full of grace when it comes to our ever-changing color schemes around here.)

He went on to tell me just how he felt about my color choice–and then graciously added that if I loved it, I should just keep it.  So sweet.

Back to purple it went.  Can’t torture the poor guy by having him stare at orange walls every time he comes into the kitchen. 

So purpley it is…for now.                           

Actually, it’s not tooooo purple.  I  thought cranberry spice would be a little more, well, a little more spicy looking.

But that was just the beginning of my painting woes.

I painted the formal living and hallway too.  You’d think that any color with the word mocha in it would be a little brownish.  Nope!  Not my choice.  It was seriously gray!  And I mean gray…dark gray.

Anthony thought we were living in a mortuary.  And trust me, in his line of work, he has seen more than his fair share of the inside of those places. 

No can do.  Can’t be living in a mortuary!  The living room got changed yesterday.

Yep–heaps and heaps of painting. 

Keeping warm by the fire~~

The kids loved the snowy day today.  They’re praying for more overnight so that they can sled tomorrow.  I have a little feeling their prayers may be answered.  More snow heading our way over the next two days.
Anyone live down South have space for 7 more???
Just kidding.
My family so desperately.  I can hardly wait to see my Dad next year.  My heart aches to see my beloved family.
Missing special friends around the world.  I wish I could convince them all to come and live here in the cold North Pole with me. 
Pondering change~~
Bringing a new child home is always accompanied by change.  How will this adoption affect our family?  What changes will we have to make?  Can I handle Hailee’s needs?  Can I be a good mom to her?  On and on and on….
So many thoughts, feelings, cares and concerns.
But at the end of the day I rest in the ONE who is sending us.  I know that when He sends us on a mission, He equips us with everything we need for the journey.  Everything.  He commands us not to worry about tomorrow–and so I choose not to.
Counting my blessings~~
In hard economic times I am being purposeful to be thankful.  Anthony has been working such long and weird hours.  We miss him.  He comes home emotionally drained from being with dying people and their families all day long.  We wish it could be easier.
Yet, we choose to be thankful that he has a job!  We thank the Father for His amazing provision in our lives.  He is so faithful.
And when I feel a little bummed that I’m not seeing my dear hubby very much, well, God reminds me of my sweet friend, Holly.  Her husband is serving our country in faraway places.  She is such a courageous woman of God to be doing all she does to hold down the fort while he is away for such a long time.  I have never once seen her complain.  Amazing. 
Yes, indeed, I am so blessed.
Life is so busy.  Times may be tough–but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is alive and well and more than able to take care of every care and every concern we have.  What love!
Oh my goodness, if you don’t know Lori–you absolutely have to go and read her blog.  They just got their [older] daughter in China today.  What a beautiful testimony that older child adoptions can  work and that ALL things are possible with God.   So exciting.