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the sanctity of life

–noun, plural -ties.
1. holiness, saintliness, or godliness.

This week we get to observe “Sanctity of Human Life” week. 

You know, honestly, some days I can just cry.  Sanctity of Human Life?  Really?

Just when I think that my heart cannot take any more, something else happens or I read something that leaves me absolutely speechless.  Gosh, and if this is how I feel–I simply cannot imagine how God feels when He looks down upon man–the ones He created in his beautiful image. 

How He must weep.

Like many of you, I believe that ALL human life is sacred. I believe that every single human being is created perfectly, and that even “disability” (hate that word, by the way) is for God’s glory. Yes, I believe that even people who struggle in life are fearfully and wonderfully made…just the way they are. I believe that God uses even them to display His splendor and glory.  God never makes mistakes.  Each human being He creates is a masterpiece.

With all my heart I believe that to be the truth.

I look at our beautiful little girls with the wonderful extra chromosome and my heart aches for them.  To many in the world, they have no worth, no value.

We’re pro-life in every sense of the word–both in the womb AND outside of the womb. 

“Sanctity of Human Life” doesn’t end when the child is born alive (should those with Down syndrome be fortunate enough to be one of the less than 10% who are not aborted).  It should continue on–forever.  Life is precious.  ALL life is precious and should be treated as such.

Yet sadly, that is so not the case.  The longer we have our girls, the more I am realizing that they will have to live a life where prejudice, judgment, and Lord forbid, sometimes even downright EVIL, lurks around every corner.  Some people just get a kick out of demeaning, degrading, and making a mockery of treasures such as ours.

How can it be in this day and age?

How can people be so cruel?  So heartless?  How can innocent children like ours be the brunt of lame, pathetic, and crude jokes?  I just don’t get that.  At all.

I just want to cry for my sweet children.  I want to plead with humanity to PLEASE give them a chance.  PLEASE look beyond the labels, the different physical features, the possible intellectual challenges and…


Treat them with respect–just like anyone deserves to be treated.

Before Hailee and Harper joined our family I truly believed that we had come such a long way in these things. I honestly thought that people saw “disability” differently to the way it was seen years ago.

But I was wrong. Ignorant, perhaps.

There are still those who choose to mistreat any person who has a disability.

When will people learn?  When will they know that inside AND outside the womb, life is sacred?  All human life is sacred.

I guess I already know the answer to that question–Not until Jesus returns.  It’s just the world we live in, I guess.  How terrible that things are actually getting worse by the day.

I wish they all knew.  Oh, how I wish they knew!

I wish they knew the blessing.

The joy.

The love.

The laughter.

The innocence.

The purity.

I wish they knew all that these children bring to a family.

If only they knew how hard they try.  I mean, like how they pour their heart and soul into learning new things. 

If only they knew that their lives have meaning, and purpose…and that God has such a unique plan for each and every one of them. 

If only they knew that children with disabilities are the most loving, sweet, cuddly kids ever.

If only they knew what so many of us know…

That human life is precious and fragile.

Inside the womb and outside.  This side of heaven…and on the other side.