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winds of change

Oh my goodness gracious–three days without a post.  Something must be up, huh?

No major catastrophe…thank you, Jesus.

It’s just called BUSYNESS!

I seriously feel like I am burning the candle at both ends.  Life has just been way too busy for my liking. I feel like I am constantly rushing, organizing, planning.

Our dossier has gone…that was a huge relief.  But it seems that everything else that got put on the back burner while I had my head buried in our dossier, has now surfaced.

And I’m feeling swamped!

Yesterday was a glorious day, however.  I got some much needed time out of the house and some precious moments with a dear friend.  Shonni and I spent the day painting one of her bedrooms.  We literally left our fifteen kids to play on their own…and we painted.  The good news is that they were exceptionally good.  They played and played and played.  I have come to the conclusion that Anthony and I are definitely going to have to do some arranged marriage stuff with her kiddos.  They are blessed with the most amazing treasure on this earth.

It was so good to be able to spend time with my dear friend.  Very soon we will be miles and miles apart.

Yep, our family is on the move at the end of May.  The Lord has clearly directed us back to the East coast–where we lived for three years before coming here.

It is such a bittersweet move.  We own a home there which is so very affordable.  What a financial blessing it will be for our family.  We also have precious friends there–but unfortunately we leave many behind here.  And that is hard!

The Lord has spoken, though.  And He has confirmed that this IS the right thing to do, not only for us, but for two little treasures who will be joining our family soon.

Do you remember I met a sweet baby girl with Down syndrome a couple of weeks ago?  The Lord did many things in my heart as I spent time with her that day.  He used my time with baby M to confirm something major in my heart.  It was one of those times that I knew that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the LORD was speaking to my heart.  I shared with Anthony, and as we prayed in the days to come, we knew that this move was the right thing for our family…and specifically for Hailee and Harper.

We live at an altitude of 8500 feet above sea level.  It is seriously high up here. The air is so thin.  Even climbing up stairs can take your breath away.  Sweet baby M has not lived here for long,  just a few months.  The little angel cannot breathe up here in the mountains–she has to be on oxygen 24/7.  Even though her heart has been surgically repaired, still she cannot breathe. Poor baby. The high altitude is too hard on her little body.

Hailee and Harper both have heart defects.  Neither are repaired. We know that Hailee’s heart is in bad shape, which is probably why she weighs only around 15 pounds at almost 5 years old. Our girls currently live at, or near, sea level.  A move up here is going to be a serious shock to their little systems.  We’re concerned for them–even if it means just being here for a few weeks.  We absolutely have to get them to a low altitude.  There is no doubt about it.  The last thing we want is for them to struggle to breathe, or be on oxygen for months on end.  That is no way to live. They are going to have enough to deal with already.  This is one potential problem that we can definitely avoid by getting them to lower ground.

There are times when we just have to do what we have to do–even if there is a price to be paid.  This is one of those times for our family.  We have to do this for our daughters, it is the right thing, without a doubt.

It is hard for us to leave people that we love. Journeying across the USA soon after coming home is going to be a tough operation.  But we know the Father will take care of every little detail, and every burden on our hearts. It is going to be just fine.

And that’s why I’m so busy, dear friends.  I have a house to sort out before I travel to bring the girls home.  Our home on the East coast is so much smaller than the one we are in now–so I have a whole lot of purging to do.  The last thing I’m going to want to do is sort it all out when I return with my angels, so I have to do it now.  Which is fine–it just takes time and effort.

Our hearts are so at peace with this decision.  When we follow His will, and the gentle guiding of the Holy Spirit, there truly is peace which passes all understanding.

We’re putting one foot in front of the other and following Jesus…no matter where that may lead us, no matter what the cost.