Hi, everyone.  I hope you are all doing well. Thank you to everyone who has reached out just to say hi or find out how my family is doing.  It means the world to me!

It’s been a busy few months for my family. I purposefully stepped away from this space to quieten my heart, press in a little deeper to hear His voice as we navigated life, setbacks, changes, blessings, absolute joy, and all the things that the Lord allows us to go through in this life. It’s been a time of being intentional to spend quality time with my family. As we graduate our first high schooler next month, I have been so mindful of just how fleeting time is. A vapor, really. I haven’t wanted to miss a single moment of just being their mom. It is and always will be my greatest calling and passion in this life–second to being a wife to the man I love.

It’s been a good season for me.  A season of growth.  A season of sowing, reaping, and also of learning what it means to let go. The ebb and flow of life reminds me that the only thing that will ever remain constant is the unfailing love and faithfulness of my Father in heaven. For that, I am so ridiculously grateful. Steadfast. Always! He has been so good to me as I continue to learn what it means to leave my whole life–every part of me–in His hands.

My family is doing so very well.  These handsome boys bless my heart more than words can ever say.  They bring us so much joy. They are growing up way too quickly.

And our precious girls are delightful in every way–each one created in the image of a Father who does all things well. They are treasures from heaven and I just absolutely love being their mom.

We have had another amazing school year and are all looking forward to the lazier days of summer. We can’t wait to have family visit from South Africa this summer–a gift for my children!

Our sweet Hasya is already five months post surgery and doing so well.  She has gained back the weight she lost and continues to blossom. How she adores her daddy!  Thank you for your many prayers over the past few months.  We go back to her surgeon this week for x-rays to see how her spine is healing.  She is such a joy to us, this little love.

Thank you to my friend, Miriam, for the absolute gift of these photos.

I am so grateful to all of you who continue to follow our family and our unfolding story here. Sending you all my love and blessings.

Pressing on and keeping our eyes fixed on the ONE who leads us onward.