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senior pictures

Anthony recently took Connor’s senior pictures. They both did such a great job.


In so many ways it feels impossible to have a senior who is planning and praying about what comes next. The years sure have flown by!


I get tearful at the thought of Connor moving on. I am going to miss this boy and our other teenagers something awful when God moves them on to all that He has destined for their lives.


But at the same time, I’m so excited to have a front row seat to see the Father’s plans and purposes unfold for this young man of ours. He hasn’t settled 100% on the direction for next year, but he has a fair idea and is praying that God would confirm on his heart that he is making the right decision.


I have loved every minute of our children being little. But I am also thoroughly enjoying every moment of these bigger children of ours growing up and maturing into the people who God has called them to be. It’s such a privilege to come alongside them and share their hopes and dreams and encourage them to run with what God has put on their hearts.  It’s an honor that we don’t take for granted.


I have loved every minute that God has given me this precious son in my home.  Connor showed me that I loved, loved being a mother and has been an absolute joy and delight to raise for nearly eighteen years.


And as we look to Connor’s future and come alongside him in navigating all of the big decisions that come with finishing high school, it’s with hearts of so much gratitude that God gave him to us.


With a heart overflowing with thankfulness that God called me to be your mom, Connor, keep running after Jesus!  Give Him your everything. Love you with all my heart!