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sharing our journey

A few people have reached out to ask me about the products that we use for our family. Well, it’s been a journey, for sure. I’m happy to share what we use. About a year ago, after months of searching for the right thing, I stumbled upon a hidden gem. For me personally, if ever I was going to get involved with another direct sales company, I needed to know that I was supporting people who believed in the same thing that I do.  That was super important to me.

A superior product, integrity, honesty and a love for God’s people were at the top of my list of requirements.

IDLife (Individually Designed Life) was founded by Logan Stout just two years ago.  It’s a growing company.  I love that it’s run on biblical principles–honesty, integrity and a genuine love for people.  Mr Stout was a pastor and athlete before entering the world of sales.  I love that he opens the company meetings and conferences in prayer. He is bold and courageous in his faith. I was so blessed to recently discover that at the end of their annual large convention, they host a huge worship service. Key partners and investors in IDLife are Troy Aikman (Hall of Fame quarterback), Jen Widerstrom (The Biggest Loser trainer) and John C. Maxwell.  Amazing people endorsing an incredible movement–one I am so blessed to have become a small part of.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we use many of their products. Hasya has absolutely thrived on the vegan shake (packed with protein, greens, fruits, anti-oxidants and superfoods), children’s vitamins, and we add the kid’s bar (totally raw and the very best ingredients for our children!) to her nourishing smoothies every day.

I honestly feel like our young lady is getting the cleanest, most nutritious food every single day.

After I found IDLife and saw what Haz was experiencing, Anthony and I tried their signature product, IDNutrition.  I had never heard of the concept of customized nutrition/vitamins, and we were so eager to give it a try. Being someone who is health conscious and tries to eat well, I cannot even tell you how much money we have wasted on vitamins over the years.  I’m one of those people–I’ll read about the latest and greatest discovery in the world of vitamins and supplements, then rush out to buy it in the hope that it will fulfill the promises that the advertisement made.  Truth is, my new find probably lasts about a month before it ends up in the trash.

IDNutrition takes the guesswork out of knowing what nutrition our bodies need.  The formulators for the company have worked on creating, fine-tuning and perfecting this product for nearly twenty years.  Backed by science and over 7,500 peer-reviewed studies, they have come up with a really unique concept in the world of vitamins and nutrition, I think.

If you want to know what IDNutrition is exactly, go to the IDLife website, take an easy assessment (it took me about five minutes and is HIPAA protected and completely confidential) where you answer questions regarding your health, your current diet, your sun exposure, your prescription medications (because some vitamins actually work against your prescriptions and should never be taken together) and your family history, etc.  At the end of the assessment you’ll be given a health score and a list of recommended vitamins custom-designed just for you.

Each month your IDNutrition is delivered to your home.  It comes in a strip pack–each individual packet with your name on it and the nutrition you’ll take in the morning and in the evening (because our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies absorb some nutrients better in the morning and others better at night).


Things that I love about IDNutrition…

~~ Every single supplement is pharmaceutical grade, organic, gluten-free, casein-free, chemical free, GMO free, and soy free.

~~ IDNutrition contains no artificial fillers!  Instead, they use turmeric (which has the most incredible cancer-fighting health benefits!), broccoli, and rutin powder (a type of flavonoid which gives certain plants their color. It also possesses the abilities of an antioxidant, allowing it to defend healthy cells from the harmful effects of free radicals).

~~  You can go back and retake the assessment as often as your lifestyle changes to ensure that your body is receiving what it needs.

~~  And probably best of all–it’s affordable!

We know that every supplement that we put into our bodies contains nothing bad.  The older we get, the more we’re realizing how important it is that we take the best possible care of our ourselves.  The way we treat our bodies now will greatly impact our health in twenty, thirty or forty years time. After two very stretching and challenging years the Salems have had (which definitely took its toll), we are so excited to be taking control of our health once again.  Thank the Lord.

It just plain feels good.  I hope this answers most, if not all, of the questions you guys have had.

If anyone would like more information about IDLife or their products, or wants to know more about what we feed Hasya, you are welcome to contact me at [email protected], or you can reach out to me via my new IDLife website. Thanks, friends.