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shopping with a purpose

Christmas is just around the corner.  I’m the person who you’ll find running around on the 24th looking for last minute gifts and planning a meal for Christmas day.  Every. Single. Year.

And every year I declare that next year I will be more organized.

Here I am again…looking for awesome ways to bless my family, and others.

I love shopping for a cause!  I love supporting ministries and families who are raising money for worthy causes. And since I have done most of our shopping online this year, I have been able to support some incredible ministries.

Giving a gift with a purpose makes Christmas so much more meaningful for my family.

I know that there are many families who shop the same way as we do.

If you are an adoptive family or a ministry who is raising money for a purpose and you’re selling something this Christmastime, would you mind adding your blog/website to the linky below? Hopefully the amazing people who read here can support your mission by buying some last minute gifts. Be sure to add your Amazon Affiliate links too. You will be able to share a photo and a description of what it is you are selling when you add your website–please share your mission with us.  Thanks for sharing.