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six days away

Anthony shares:

Six days away.

So many thoughts racing through my mind.

Will one survive?

Will two survive?

What about three?


What if all four survive the thaw? How many will then take? One? Two?…

In a short time, we will know the answers to these questions. But there’s one more question I’ve often asked myself—what if NONE survive? What will this journey have been all about?

I know that if none of these children (and yes, they’re children, not “pre-children”) survive, I will grieve. Now that may sound strange to some of you, but such is the value I put on life, whether it’s in the form of a 101-year-old woman I visit every week, or a small group of cells you can only see under a microscope.

These four embryos are living souls; souls that were delivered into the cells at fertilization that came out from the presence of God Himself. God…loves…these children.

He has loved them for an eternity past.

He has loved them at the time of conception ten whole years ago.

And He loves them now as they rest in a cryogenic state in a thin laboratory straw somewhere hundreds of miles away.

I am praying that soon they will know the warmth of a loving womb. And I am praying that some day they will come out of that womb and know the warmth of their earthly father’s arms.

And if they do not make it that far, I rest in the fact that they will know the warmth of our heavenly Father’s arms.

And I cannot think of arms better to be in, until I meet up with them.

March on, my little ones.