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I never knew how much I would absolutely love being a mom.

Until this guy was placed in my arms sixteen years ago.  What a precious gift I was given!


No words can adequately express how much I love and treasure this son.  He is growing up to be a young man who walks in integrity and stays on the narrow road.  He has learned to give when it’s hard, learned to love when love cannot be returned with words, and deep down in his young heart has learned to embrace the challenges and the adventures that God has given him.  I am so proud of the way Connor has risen up to trust God…no matter what.

I cannot believe that sixteen years have gone by already.

Connor is so excited to return to the country that he was born in (he was two when we left South Africa).  With only two more years left of high school, he is unsure of what the future holds or what his plans are after twelfth grade.  But I am so thankful that he knows the ONE who holds his future. And that is enough.


Happy, happy birthday, my precious firstborn son.  Keep running your race with excellence. Keep your eyes on heaven. Keep pressing on.  Keep putting God first.  And keep shining His light…no matter He takes you or what He calls you to do in this life.

And I’ll be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way!  I love you madly.

Thank you, Father, for this gift of this child.