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slow and steady

I’m feeling a little freaked out today.

For the last three months we were so totally focused on my becoming a US citizen. That was the only part of our adoption we really thought about. I had received the dossier requirements a while back, but only glanced over them. Too much paperwork overload, you know. I’m a simple kinda girl–just give me a wee bit of information at a time.

But the last three days have changed all that! Oh my. When we did our dossiers for China, I thought they were completely insane with their requirements. Nuts! But oh how I have changed my mind. China is mild compared to Hailee’s country. These people are completely OTT! The thought of actually coming up with all these documents–which naturally have to have the t’s crossed perfectly and the i’s dotted in just the right place–well, it just freaks me out.

Having been down this road twice before, I do know it all comes together. It just, well, kinda freaks me out in the beginning. I am SO not a paperwork girl. Hubby handles it all. Every single bill and insurance document in our house, he does. I like it that way. I am clueless with stuff like that. I am seriously organized when it comes to my home, the things we need to do, meal planning and stuff like that. But paperwork? Forget it. I think I was last in line when the Lord handed out the ‘administration gift’.  That and anything to do with singing and dancing!   Na-uh, not for me, thank you very much.

Oohh, I need to be careful what I write.  You know the, “Lord, whatever you do, please don’t send me to Africa,” prayer?  Just when you say there’s no way you can do something, boom, the Lord has you do that very thing.  Perhaps He’ll turn me into a concert ballerina yet.  Nothing is impossible for the Lord, you know. Except, maybe, this one thing.


I’m still trying to figure out how in the world I ended up being the one to put our dossiers together. Surely it’s not too late to hand it over?  Right, Honey?

I know I’ll get less freaked out as I familiarize myself with the whole deal. You just kinda have to do it, right?

In the end, it will be so absolutely worth it, I know that with all my heart.  It’s all just part of the deal to bring our sweet children home from faraway places.

So I’ll just continue to put one foot in front of the other and gather one piece of paperwork at a time.   Slow and steady wins the race…isn’t that the truth.