so ready

Thank you all for your kind words as we celebrated our anniversary.  We had a lovely, lovely day.  Anthony surprised me when he came home from work.  He arrived with flowers, my favorite Cadbury chocolate (best chocolate in the world, by the way), a beautiful card…and a babysitter!  We left our kids in the capable hands of a young man we adore, and the two of us went out for dinner. Alone. Not something we get to do very often.

It was just perfect!

I can hardly wait to see what the next thirteen years have in store for us.  I love the adventures God takes our family on. If ever I’m feeling bored with life, I know we must be missing Him completely, because life in the Lord is never dull nor boring.

It’s been a busy week in our family.  We are very thankful for the outpouring of support on our E-bay auction.  Amazing.  We are so deeply touched by the hearts of people we don’t even know.  It truly is such a humbling experience to walk this road of adoption fundraising.  Whenever we start an adoption, I do wonder how in the world God is going to provide.  I really do wonder.  But, I know He always will.  I will share my heart and thoughts on this in a post of its own.  I long to see more people stepping out of the boat and adopting children.  I long with all my heart.  Finances should never be a reason to say NO.

We have added a few new items to the auction, please go and check them out.  More to be added tomorrow night.  People just keep giving and giving and giving.

The glorious Body of Christ!

We still have not had any word on our dossier.  Most of you know that there were a few issues with it in Hailee and Harper’s country.  They were not happy about some wording in one of the documents. We thought we would hear this week, but it seems like we need to hang tight until next week.  We trusting and believing that it will be passed, and a travel date will be given really soon.

Today someone asked me something I get asked frequently, “Are you ready to bring the girls home?”


I’m ready.  My heart is ready.  My arms are ready.  We’re as ready as we’ll ever be.  A little nervous?  Absolutely. I am so thankful we know the One who enables us! We’re going into this adoption with our hearts open and our eyes fixed on the Lord.  We know He will equip us and enable us every step of the way.  For us, it’s just that simple. We absolutely cannot wait to add these two amazing little treasures to our family.  Such joy!

I love this scripture…

“Her arms are strong for her tasks.”  Prov 31:17

I know He will make my arms strong for the task that lies ahead.  I just know that to be truth.  Will it be easy?  Probably not. I am convinced though, that the things God calls each one of us to do in this life are hardly ever easy. Are they? If they were easy, why would we ever need a Savior to rely on?  The challenging roads allow me to press into God and trust Him with everything that is within me.  That’s just where He wants me to be–fully relying on Him.

There truly are no words to express how excited we are that Hailee and Harper will soon be part of us.  Never to be called orphans again.  So amazing.

Time seems to be flying by. Before I know it, it will be time to leave my family behind for a few weeks and head overseas to bring my angels home. The thought of leaving my family already makes me all teary.  I’m going to need a whole lot of grace to get through it.

My kids are super excited.  They’re counting down the sleeps until my Dad arrives from South Africa. My goodness, but they miss my family something awful.  Dad and his girlfriend, Beth, will be with us until June.  That is such a treat for us.  To have family with us for that long will be such an enormous blessing, and help. They’re coming from the hot South African summer, to the cold Colorado spring.  What a shock to the system.  South Africans are not used to cold weather.  It really takes some getting used to for us Southern Hemisphere folks.

We’re counting our blessings daily.  Great things He has done–and continues to do.