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Springtime—not really!

Aaaahh, the joys of living in the mountains—we never really know what the weather is going to do. But, doesn’t God know just what we need, when we need it? This weekend He spoiled us with warmer days—absolute bliss. So, what does any family do when the temperature hits 50 in winter in the mountains—you head outdoors! What fun to play in the park without coats, hats, gloves and a scarf on.

While Mom and the little kids played in the park, Dad and the big boys shot some hoops.

Okay Mom—have I told you that I do NOT like the park? Yes, since Haven’s school experience she has decided that the park is the enemy 🙂 We think that she was probably overwhelmed by the mass hysteria on the playground at school. A little too much for this little petal. Just a another little hurdle to overcome. She’ll once again learn that the park is a safe place.

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Cade took a break from the monkey bars (which he finally conquered from one side to the other), to prove to me that “of course I can read, Mommy”.

“Do you see my cross face, Mommy? Can you see that I DO NOT like the playground?” Dang—sometimes we mothers just don’t get it! Nevertheless, she is still just absolutely beautiful—even when she pouts 🙂

Sweet sister, on the other hand, makes the most of EVERY opportunity. This girl lives life BIG!

I went shopping at Goodwill (which absolutely HAS to be God’s gift to mothers with big families) and found these adorable dresses for the girls. They LOVE girly things. The FIRST thing they had to do was show Daddy how pretty they looked. Isn’t it just amazing how little girls NEED that affirmation from Daddy? Anthony made them feel so special, and had to take a pic to show them how beautiful they are. I feel so blessed.

And last, but certainly not least—my precious daughter has kind of attached herself to an M&M costume that we had lying around here at home. Mmmm, we have princess costumes, ballerina costumes, tutu’s, you name it. But no—it HAD to be the M&M! She will have nothing to do with any of the others. Last week we could not get this thing off her, she loves it! She must know that chocolate is one of Mommy’s favorite things in the world. Aaaah, the joys!

What a blessed weekend—warm weather, time outside and just being with family. There can be nothing sweeter, for this mother. I know that the cold weather will return (we still have at least 4 months of it), but for just two days, the sun was glorious. There is nothing better than feeling the warm glow of the sun on my face. Seeing my children running and playing and enjoying the simple things in life —like just BEING with their family, brings my heart such joy. How blessed I am with these whom He has given me.