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still needing help

Updated:  The commenting system is now working again after disappearing completely for the last 24 hours!  Thanks, Lindsey.

Yesterday we sat outside enjoying balmy summer-like weather.  Today, it snowed. What the heck?

I am so loving my new blog design.  Lindsey did such an amazing job.

For a while now I have not had my contact e-mail on my blog.  I get so many e-mails and feel positively awful that I just never seem to be able to respond to them all.  But since so many people leave comments asking for a way to get in touch, I  decided to add it to the top of my blog again.  I really do love hearing from you all.  I love hearing your praise reports and the journeys that God is taking your own families on.  I read so many of your letters to my family.  We rejoice with you, cry with you, and pray about every prayer request you send me.  I truly do feel so blessed that so many of you reach out for prayer support and guidance regarding your adoptions.  I don’t, for a single second, take for granted the incredible people God has brought to this little blog of mine over the years.  You guys are so amazing, and I am so thankful that you take the time to read my randomness on a daily basis. 

If you write to me and don’t hear back, please don’t take it personally.  I seriously just never get time to write back to everyone.  I try so hard to limit the time I spend on my computer.  I want my children to grow up remembering that their mom spent time with them, not her computer.  Some days, like recently when I am so busy with orphan-related stuff, it’s a hard balance to find.

We have also added a place to follow along on Facebook. I’m still going to keep my Facebook to where I accept friend requests. You are more than welcome to follow along on–just send me a request.

Yup!  I sure have been busy.  I am in the middle of putting together the biggest fundraiser I have ever done here on my blog.  When I made an appeal for items to give away, I was so deeply touched by your responses.  So many people wrote to me just wanting to help in some way.  I appreciate it so much.

This fundraiser is different to any I have ever done.  Soon I will be able to share all the details.  Trust me, your hearts are going to break in two.

In the meantime, I am still needing a few bigger items.  If you would love to get involved in the mission which God has set before us this time, would you please get in touch with me as soon as possible?  I am urgently needing any kind of electronic device or latest gadgets. But I could also still add any other kind of donated items too. Everything is a blessing! I am stretching my faith big time with this fundraiser. Would you join me, please? 
If you would like to know more so that you can prayerfully consider helping, please e-mail me at [email protected].  Thanks!  So grateful.