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stirring things up

Life. It’s been crazy around here. Way too busy for my liking. I feel like one day just passes into the next without my even realizing it. The last couple of weeks have just been plain chaotic. But, I know it is a season, and I know that things will return to normal. I can hardly wait. I am longing to slow down and enjoy our summer (when it eventually comes to the Rockies) together. I know that, all too soon, the new school year will have begun.

In the midst of the rush and busyness, God is moving in our hearts. He is stirring us, igniting passion in us and reminding us of dreams that He placed in our hearts years and years ago.

Dreams and desires? What do you do with the things the Almighty breathes into your heart? Sometimes they seem impossible–so completely out of your reach. Sometimes we grow tired and weary and just put them on the back-burner. I know I do! I forget. I forget about the things the Father has told me to do. I give up and right them off as being impossible, unattainable. I right them off as some out-of-my-reach, crazy dream. There is a certain amount of comfort in that–because then I don’t have to actually do something about it. So often, too, the daily happenings and craziness of life overshadow the dreams buried in my heart. I loose perspective.

But here’s the thing, precious friends–there’s a stirring in the hearts of many (who we have a huge amount of respect for) that we are seeing the end times play out before our eyes. I know I have said it before, but time is short. Jesus is coming back for His bride soon. We can no longer keep the things that God has told us to do on the back-burner. We can no longer do nothing about the dreams He has placed on our hearts. We can no longer sit back and wait for someone else to reach the lost. We can no longer!

My dreams are being stirred up. Things that I thought were impossible in my life, I know are absolutely possible. It’s up to me though–I need to make them happen! I need to become proactive again.

God is beckoning me to draw nearer to Him–so near that I am so absolutely in tune with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. So near that I can hear His still, small voice at any given moment. So near that I can jump into action when He speaks. He is looking, seeking, trying to find those who will say, “Yes Lord, send me!”.

I’m in, friends. I never want to stand before the Almighty some day with regrets. I never want to make excuses for the things I did not do. I never want to stand before Him and try to find the words to justify why I was not obedient when I knew He had told me to do something. Instead, no matter what the cost, I long to hear the words well done good and faithful servant.

I know that there is always a cost. There is always a price that will be paid–when we are obedient. I know it may not be easy. The road will be hard at times, it will hurt and be painful. There is always a cost to following Jesus with our whole hearts. There is always a cost to complete surrender. Oh but it is so absolutely worth it!


Friends, we really could do with your prayers. Tomorrow is a huge day for our Haven. After allowing her to only have four hours of sleep tonight (how in the world do we even do that?), we set out early for a big day. She has a bone scan (to determine her accurate age), then we drive to the next facility for a CAT scan. And to end Haven’s day she will have to endure an EEG (will will take just over an hour). For those of you who are regular friends here, you know that she is terrified, and I mean to the point of shaking uncontrollably, of anyone in the medical world. Tomorrow is going to be awful for her. Unfortunately she cannot be sedated as she needs to conscious (but very groggy from lack of sleep) for the EEG. Thank you for praying, I really do appreciate it.


My amazing, seriously talented hubby never ceases to amaze me. I told him last night that I wanted to do something different on my blog–I needed a change. I wanted something very simple, I am seriously not a bling kinda girl. The simpler, the better for me. He said to leave it to him, he may be able to do something with my idea. Next thing I knew he had totally changed my blog, just like that–I had no idea he could even do it. He just figured it out. Impressive! The man is full of surprises I tell you. Only bugger for him is that the wife loves change–now that I know I have my own personal, in the house blog designer–heck, expect some frequent changes around here.