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summer and family

Warm, summery weather has finally arrived in the mountains!  Well, summer for us is hardly scorching.  If we hit 80 degrees it’s a hot day! We’re loving the warmer days. Winters are so long where we live.  When summer finally arrives, I’m like a reptile needing the warmth.  In the sun is where you’ll find me these days.

My weird kids.

School’s out and we’re so enjoying lazier days and a slower pace.  The last few weeks have been so hectic with adding Kael to our adoption, finishing all the necessary adoption paperwork, and wrapping up our school year.  It’s lovely to be able to slow down just a little–not that life is ever really slow with lots of kids running around.

We’ve already started doing some fun things as a family.  Every year our local zoo hosts a night for families who have children with special needs.  It is wonderful!  They do such a good job of making it a special night.  The zoo is only open to those who are invited and becomes filled with walkers and wheelchairs, with laughter and eyes wide with amazement.

I walked around with a lump in my throat as I watched precious children’s eyes light up when they saw the animals, met friendly characters dressed up to make them smile, and enjoy an evening just for them. It was magical. While I am not a fan of zoos at all (because I feel so darn sorry for the animals), it is so much fun for the kids and I do love that our zoo goes out of their way to embrace special needs.


The adoption process to bring our two newest angels home is speeding along.  Right now our dossier is in Bulgaria and is currently being translated.  We’re trusting that I will be able to make the first trip in the near future. Unfortunately, because Hasya and Kael are in separate orphanages, I will need to spend a little longer in country.  But as my hubby says, it’s just a small sacrifice to rescue two children.  We’re so excited that God has chosen to grow our family through the blessing of adoption once again!

Big sister.  Little sister.

My family arrives from South Africa next Tuesday.  It has been two years since I last saw them.  I cannot wait!  What a joy it is for our children to be able to spend time with family.  So grateful to the Lord that we are able to see them again.  I miss my family something awful.  I have now been away from my home country for eleven years.  In many ways it feels like just yesterday that we boarded a flight with two very little children and headed for Perth, Australia.  And then in other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.

The longing in my heart to have family around never gets easier.  Thankfully, the Lord has been so good to me.  I have been able to see them fairly regularly over the years. Some days I have to remind myself to focus on the blessings, not the painful moments when I ache to have them near, to have them be a part of our daily craziness.


My many, many blessings. That’s what I focus on.

The blessing of these whom the Father has loaned me for such a short time.

And two more on the way home.

My treasure on this earth. (Nice, Cade!)

My heart has been so burdened over so many things recently.  I struggle with the things which I see happening all around me–injustice, pain, suffering, betrayal, hurt.  Watching dear friends walk through painful times is excruciating.  Some days I truly long for heaven–for the day when Jesus will return and make everything right in the world.

But then the Father gently reminds me that times such as these give us, the glorious body of Christ, such an incredible opportunity to BE His hands and feet in a world gone crazy.  When I’m running on empty and feel like I truly have nothing left to give, His still small voice whispers to my heart, “Go. Help. Share. Encourage. Pour yourself out.  BE!” 

I have such a long way to go in getting it right most days.

Pressing on toward the finish line and praying that when I do eventually get there I will have run my race well.

So thankful that Jesus Christ is alive and well and more than able to carry any burden on our hearts this day.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend, everyone.

Love the daddy in your lives well.