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a sweet little blog award

What a glorious day in the Rockies today–on days like these you will usually find us at the pool–I just can’t help it, I absolutely have to be in the sun.

I got blessed–with a sweet little blog award, that is. How fun! I have never got one before, so I was tickled pink that someone thought my blog was lovely. My bloggy friend Christy Rose passed the award on to me.

There are two rules to accepting the award…

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs.Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So, sweet friends, here goes…the blessing is all mine to give away–so here are some blogs that I think are just absolutely lovely…

Hogar De Amor–Not a mom herself, BUT a mom to many, many children in baby homes she runs in Bolivia. Her faith and commitment touches me deeply.

Ladybugs and frogs–Not just a bloggy friend, but a real life friend too. We traveled together to China when we adopted our first daughter. The day we met I knew we would be friends forever!

God Given Passions–A new bloggy friend. A mommy on a mission to bring her precious son home from Eastern Europe. Her writing and sharing from the Word of God is beautiful.

Trusted With Much–I prayed for her daughter for a long time, trusting God would bring her a family. Then we met in blog world. Her faith is tangible–she is bringing home 2 of God’s precious children.

Beyond The Horizon–A sweet bloggy friend with a heart and a passion for adoption. She has the most adorable children and is waiting to bring home their new son.

Splashing Glory–A missionary mommy living in Costa Rica. She loves Jesus, her family, and is bringing home 2 children from Ethiopia. She has a beautiful gift of writing.

Awaiting Kate–An adoptive mommy with a huge heart for orphans. I have been so touched reading her blog and the passion that she has to see ALL children in families.

No Greater Gift–What an incredible journey this mommy has walked. The road to their daughter waiting in the Ukraine has been a beautiful testimony of God’s love. GO AND ENTER THE STUNNING GIVE-AWAY ON THEIR BLOG! HELP BRING RUSLANA HOME SOON.

Girly Girl Mommy–A new bloggy friend. God has given her such a desire to add to their family through the blessing of adoption–I can hardly wait to see how things unfold in her life.

Nations Around our Table–Bloggy friend and now friend in real life. Her family is such a huge inspiration. She knows what it means to surrender her life to her Father in heaven. Her children are all so sweet, and their mama gorgeous!

From Glory to Glory–A missionary mommy serving God with her family in Uganda. She writes from the heart and shares from God’s Word with amazing wisdom. I have learned so much from this sweet friend. Her family is beautiful.

Treasures From Afar–I never know whether I will laugh or cry when she posts. An amazing mommy with ten blessings. She amazes me with the way she handles every task God gives her with such grace. I love following her journey.

Are We There Yet–This mommy has a HUGE heart for the children who wait. She inspires me with the things she shares. I know she would bring them all home, if she could.

Tony and Rett–The only mommy I know who has adopted twins from China. She has a beautiful ability to share her heart on her blog. I always feel like she is sitting right next to me as I read her posts.

Another Blessing on the Way–We adopted our daughters from the same orphanage in 2006. We traveled all the way to China together. It is such a joy to watch them take the same journey again–this time for their son.

These are just a few of the blogs I follow–and the moms who touch my heart daily with their writing.