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a tag to share christmas memories


I was recently tagged by my very special blog friend, Christy.  She shared some of her favorite Christmas memories and traditions in this post and tagged a few friends to do the same.

So here goes….

Growing up in South Africa, Christmas is kinda different to the way it is celebrated in the USA.  For one, there is no snow in sight in the Southern Hemisphere.  Summer is in full swing and Christmas day can be very hot.  There is no need to stay bundled up inside by the fire–so most people will get outdoors and spend the day beside the swimming pool.  Lunch can be a hot meal, but most tend to have cold cuts and salads.  Or sometimes we grill outdoors. In South Africa we don’t grill–we braai!  Meat is usually grilled on a wood burning fire.  A spicy sausage called boerewors and sides like mielie pap are added.  Yum!  Boerewors is one of the things my hubby and kids miss the most about living in South Africa.

So, the food is a little different, the climate a lot different.

Growing up, most of my Christmases were spent with extended family.  Lots and lots of family!  That is probably one of my best memories.  Being surrounded by family.  I miss that terribly now that I do not have it. 

Christmas Eve began with the tradition of leaving a cookie and a beer for Santa. Yes, a beer. Poor guy. Our Christmas days were spent playing silly games, swimming in the pool all day long, and getting very sunburned.  I have such fond memories of days spent at a family beach cottage on the rugged coast of Southern Africa. 

For me, Christmas just seemed so much simpler back then.  There was no crazy consumerism happening. The stress that most people seem to feel at this time of year was non-existent.  The days seemed lazier and more carefree.  I miss that.

I am supposed to tag 5 other bloggers to pass the sharing of Christmas memories around. If you visited my blog today and would also like to share a Christmas memories post, please do.  It would would be so much fun to stop by your blog and read it. So, please come back and let me know you have posted your favorite Christmas memories, and I will come over to share in your treasured memories. Or, if you just want to share your favorite memory here in the comments, that would be fun too.

Here are the rules:

~~~ write a Christmas memories blog.
~~~ include the link to my post somewhere in your blog.
~~~ tag five other bloggers.
~~~ then return to this blogs comments and paste the link to your Christmas memories blog.

One of my dear kids randomly picked the following friends to tag:


Post your favorite Christmas memories with us, friends.