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the home stretch

As many of you know, we’re partnering with our friends at Snowflake® to create more of an awareness about embryo adoption.  Part of that has been making a series of videos, Facebook posts and blog posts journalling our adoption journey.

Today I’ll share a few more questions we get asked and some other thoughts.  I cannot believe that in just five days I will get to see the first pictures of our tiny snowflakes.  It’s been such a journey to get to this point–one I would not change for anything in the world!

Also, I wanted to add something that I didn’t mention in this video.  I know that many people come up against opinions when they step out in faith and adopt children.  If they adopt internationally it’s, “There are so many orphans in America!  Why don’t you adopt through foster care!”  And if it’s a domestic adoption it’s, “Have you even been to a Third World country?!  Have you seen how many children are there and how they need families?”  And then you adopt an embryo and suddenly you’re adopting a “thing” not a “real child” and, “Why don’t you just go back overseas for another child?”  Ridiculous!

Families who are adopting…YOU follow Jesus!  YOU do what He put on YOUR heart…no matter what anyone says…no matter WHERE He leads you!  

We can NEVER please them all.  And neither do we want to.

ONLY ONE VOICE will ring in my ears.


On that day when I kneel before my Maker and give Him an account of my life, it will only be me and Him. And I hope that I can tell Him with all my heart, “I listened closely to YOUR voice that guided me!”