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the road to healing

Hey, friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. I am so sorry for the delay in updating you.  My days are filled to overflowing, and I haven’t had a moment to sit at my computer.

Hasya is home with us and doing okay.  Thankfully, we have her pain pretty well managed most of the time. Moving her is challenging.  With osteoporosis and a recent major surgery, Hasya’s spine is going to take a long time to heal. We’re being extra cautious when rolling her, putting her in the body brace (which she has to wear for about three months), and turning her in bed to avoid pressure sores.  The body is an incredibly amazing thing.  Eventually her spine will form one long bone mass as it heals.  But it’s going to take a long time, and until then, we have to be super careful not to damage anything and ensure that she doesn’t twist at all.

We’re still battling her high fevers.  They were somewhat under control, but now she’s fighting them again. We get them down to low grade, then they spike right back up again.  Fevers are very common after a tough surgery like the one she had, but hers are running too high.  We’re in contact with her doctors and are monitoring things carefully over the next few days.  We would so appreciate your prayers against any infection or anything else that her body may be fighting.  Healing, in the name of Jesus! Thank you so much!

We are so grateful for your love and ongoing prayers for our sweet treasure.  She is such a tough young lady.  Her courage and her strength amaze us, as does everyone who has cared for her since her surgery.


Praying and trusting.  He has been faithful.

My love to you all today.