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their story, His redemption

Since you’re going to be seeing their faces a lot on Facebook and here on my blog in the next month, I thought I would introduce you all to two very special little angels today.  They’re the faces of the Village of Hope~Guatemala fundraiser.

How these two touched my heart!

When I just consider their past–the hurt and the unfathomable pain–I am truly amazed at how the LORD has protected their tender little hearts.

The courts had heard about the work of Village of Hope.  They had heard about the hearts of the Blocks and how they do everything they can to keep parents and children together.

And so it was without hesitation that they called Village of Hope as one final try before they removed these precious blessings from their mother. 

Having been involved in a lifestyle of doing things she’s not proud of and having already lost a few children when the courts removed them, this mother was desperate to hold onto these two.  They were her life!  Sadly, with no skills (even to care for them), no ability to earn money, and nowhere to go…the future looked bleak for this little family.

Until the Almighty Father reached down from heaven and made a way where there truly seemed to be no way.

Today, the little ones are blossoming!

They are so loved and treasured.

They both just adore their mother and you’ll find them wrapped around her legs or seeking her out when she leaves the room.

They belong!

And as for sweet Mom, she’s doing so amazing well! 

Amy shared with me, “She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior recently. She still struggles with her past mistakes and believing that God could forgive her. She told us the other day in church that she used to go stand outside of the church and listen to the music but she wouldn’t go in…and she never thought she would. She sits in church next to me every Sunday now. Baby steps. She is learning how to feed and properly parent her kids and also some other skills like sewing and cleaning. Her kids will start school this year in January (that is when the new school year starts here).”

It makes me weep just reading about how beautiful redemption can be when we just give people a chance in life.

When we chose to see them through the eyes of a Father who created them in His image–fearfully, wonderfully, beautifully.

Village of Hope is giving Mom skills!  For the first time in her forty something years she is learning how to cook, care for her children, clean, sew, and become more independent.

Her chains are gone and she has been set free!  Hallelujah!

Beauty rises when we hold broken hearts gently in our hands and tell them, “I believe you can do anything!

When we love unconditionally…

…and give sacrificially.

There is HOPE for every aching heart and healing for every wounded body.

Please consider sowing precious seed this Christmas so that more people just like these can have a place to call HOME.  No amount is too small–God loves to take our offering and multiply it into something so amazing, so miraculous.  We only have to give to see miracles unfold.

Thank you for caring, people of our faithful God.