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these are a few of my favorite things

This summer…

~~  Seriously lazy days.

~~  Staying up late and sleeping in (heavenly!).

~~  Very little schedule.

~~  Only getting out of my pj’s when I feel like it.

~~  Friends from near and far.

~~  Beautiful days at the pool.

~~  My skin having some color. 

~~  Bare feet (which means fewer socks to fold and put away).

~~  Reading a few extra books.

~~  God’s amazing creation which is so, so green.

~~  Flowers.

~~  Quick and easy meals.

~~  More daylight hours.

~~  Carefree children.

~~  Growing babies.

~~  Sun-bleached hair.

~~  Visiting new places and making new friends.

~~  Not having to think about lesson plans and grades.

~~  The laundry piled sky high–because I’m too lazy to do it most days.

~~  An unusually messy house–because it can wait.

~~  Cuddles on the sofa.

~~  Rainy afternoons.  I LOVE the rain.

~~  Humidity (I know, I’m weird).

~~  Rainbows–His promise.

~~  Time out of the house.

~~  A weekend away to look forward to.

~~  Shorts and tees.

~~  Watching my children make memories together.

~~  Dreaming, pondering, praying. 

~~  A heart of expectation.

God is so good. 

And I am so thankful for a time of rest.