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these days

~~  We’ve been working hard on our school work.

~~  I’ve been loving the beautiful fall weather we’re having.  I do LOVE fall on the east coast.

~~  Rejoicing that very soon Wade and Yuri (Bohdi) will have a family.  Oh my goodness, their family is so close.  I can hardly wait to see two more children out of Hailee’s room in the orphanage.  Hallelujah.

~~  Dejunking.  I’ve been driving around for two weeks with a boot (aka a trunk) full of stuff.  Dropping it off is somehow never a priority. 

~~  I’ve been having my heart changed from the inside out by some of the incredible books we’ve been reading.

~~  So thankful for my husband and that the Lord has blessed us with a happy marriage. I am so grateful for a man who chooses to see the best in me, and looks past all my flaws and many imperfections.  I found a treasure, that’s for sure.

~~  Seeking God on how to live a purposeful life–forgetting the things that are so darn trivial in this life and only focusing on what truly matters to Him. 

~~  Pondering how we as the Church tend to water down the Gospel.  Believing what the Bible says and appropriating it in my life is serious business–not to be taken lightly.  I never want to forget that.

~~  Love thy neighbor.  Love thy neighbor.  Love thy neighbor.  Even when they don’t love us back.

~~  Desiring to have such a hunger for God’s Word.

~~  Trying to find contentment in a small house for our large family.  When I feel so cramped, all I need to do is think about the mama in Uganda who lives [happily] in one room with her six children, and everything falls into perspective.  I am blessed indeed.

~~  I’ve been heart sore at how some people feel that it is their right and responsibility to rip bloggers (not me) to shreds.  I just don’t get mean people.  Do they seriously have nothing better to do with their days?

~~ Trusting the Lord to lead and guide our steps as we seek His will regarding our future.  We don’t want to run ahead of Him, but neither do we want fear or our own desires to stand in the way of fulfilling His plans and purposes for our lives.

~~  Looking so forward to skyping with my family in South Africa.  Oh how I miss them.

~~  Wondering how in the world the pantry gets empty so fast.  Where does all the food go?

~~  Dreaming about starting a vegetable garden.  I am the worlds worst gardener.  I never inherited my mothers green thumb.

~~  Loving vision forum and wanting to buy a whole lot of their books.

~~  Thinking that I really do need to give my lonely facebook a bit more attention.  I pretty much accept people’s invitations to be friends, and that’s where it ends.  I’ll get to you eventually, lonely facebook.

~~  Wondering if I will ever step into 2010 and upgrade my cell phone to the kind that you can get online with.  I’m still so like 1999.

~~  I hate Halloween!

~~  Love, love, loving my beautiful blue eyed boy.  My angel with a heart of gold.  Don’t tell him I said he was beautiful…that’s a no-no for a big boy growing up. 

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