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they say

That a change is as good as a vacation.

I love change (nothing ever stays the same for very long around here–my dear husband is convinced that if he sits around for just a little too long he will either be moved to a different position, packed away, or painted a bright color)!

And a vacation sounds like a fabulous idea on most days.

I can’t go on vacation.  But I can change things around–which definitely is almost as good as getting away.

When I got contacted and asked if I would love a new blog design, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Oh my goodness!  Lindsey from Sour Apple Studio did such a fantastic job.  I absolutely love the new look of my blog.  She was kind, patient, listened to what I wanted, and worked to design something that was totally me. It was so much fun working with her to come up with something fresh and new for my blog.

Thanks, Lindsey!  Praying God’s richest blessings on your business.  Thank you for using the amazing talents that He has given you to glorify Him.

Have a beautiful SONday, everyone.  Jesus Christ is alive and well and more than able to carry every burden on your hearts this day!  He is ABLE!