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We had so much fun hanging out with dear friends yesterday. Lisa, Kristin and I met halfway between where we all live and braved the hot weather together for a few hours. Even for a summer lovin’ girl like me, it was HOT!

How cute are these girls? Totally edible and seriously not interested in having their picture taken.

Do you know what this is?

This sweet little angelic face that surely could never do anything mischievous? Right?

Think again.

After making the kids sandwiches on the yummiest white bread which we were blessed with (my family almost fell over backwards when they saw that I was actually using white bread), I headed out of the room for just a minute.

I returned to discover that my littlest angel had pulled herself up into a standing position at the coffee table and there she discovered her daddy’s uneaten sandwich.

Note to mother:  The mullet has got to go!

So she totally pulled it apart and stuffed it in her mouth as fast as possible…

Just in case Daddy came before she had eaten the whole thing, you know.

“Well, you did say that I need to get bigger and grow, right?”

Go ahead, honey, eat as much as you want.


Both Hailee and Harper are doing fabulously.  I so appreciate everyone who has written to ask about their health. We’re still waiting on a lot of test results, but what we do know is that both girls have heart defects. God has been good though, because things could be a whole lot worse. Hailee has a hole in her heart, but the doctor is happy to leave it for the time being and give it some time to close on it’s own. Her recent growth and the fact that she is doing so amazingly well led him to believe that there is a possibility that her heart may just heal on it’s own. We’re so thankful for that. It gives us an opportunity to trust God for complete healing in Hailee.

Harper has a different problem with her little heart (and I won’t go into all the medical stuff). She has a valve that should have closed off during infancy, but did not. As a result clean blood is mixing with dirty blood which puts her at a high risk of infection. Sweet little baby will have to have surgery to repair it. I’ll keep you posted on when we do it.

The Lord has been good to us. Since moving to a low altitude Hailee’s oxygen levels are so much better. I just love how He gently leads and guides us. Moving from Colorado has not been an easy thing. It has taken time, a whole lot of effort, and money–but I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we listened to the voice of the Father telling us to go. Being here has made the world of difference for Hailee. There is nothing in this life that we will not do to give our children every opportunity to flourish. Goodness, and to think that our Father God loves us, His children, so much more than we even love our own children.  That blows my mind.

Our doctors are so encouraged that Hailee and Harper are both doing so well and thriving. Hailee’s weight gain alone is astounding. Our next appointment will be with an opthamologist. Hailee’s eyesight seems to be poor.  She cannot focus on anything, and tracking things is hard for her. There is a possibility she may have strabismus, but we’re not sure.

Have a happy Friday, sweet friends.  The Lord Jesus Christ is alive and well and more than able to take care of every burden on your hearts this day.