THIS is why….

I believe in Village of Hope–Guatemala.

I long to see them build family-type homes for children who have nowhere to go!

I believe that God has planted them in that poverty-stricken place for a reason…to shine the light of Christ!

PLEASE prayerfully consider buying a brick for just $25 today!


Please help VILLAGE OF HOPE to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Guatemala!

I am not called to go and serve there.  And neither are many of you.  But we are all called to love our neighbor as ourselves–to give sacrificially, to help, to pray, and to BE a body of believers who care deeply.  

Helping to build a home is such a beautiful way to show the love of Christ to our neighbors across the ocean who so desperately need a helping hand!

Just read below and have your heart broken for the things which break the Father’s heart. For many of us, conditions such as the ones these precious people live in are unfathomable, unimaginable.

Sadly, this is real life.  Real heartache.  Real people.

Please consider giving back a tiny portion of the blessings we have been given this Christmas. 



Shared by Amy Block–missionary and founder of Village of Hope–Guatemala

Part one of Rosa’s story here.

Transformed by His Love

Ever since Rosa came back on Thanksgiving she and her siblings have been regular visitors here at Village of Hope–almost on a daily basis.

We have gone from her not being willing to step foot on our property to her feeling like she belongs.

We have gone from few words to big smiles.

We have gone from eating dirt to full bellies.

We have gone from flinching when I hug her to at least leaning towards me.

As our friendship has grown they have learned to trust us enough to take hot showers on our property (their first ever!) and hang out while we teach them to write their names.

The transformation in our friendships has been such a blessing.

We were thrilled when we were given the privilege of being welcomed to their home as well.

And meeting many of their family members…

They showed us around their home…

their kitchen…

And where the baby sleeps (hanging in the white corn meal sack) above the bed below.

The bathroom…

We were able to just hang out for a little while, visit, and get to know the family and what their needs are a little more.

Before we left we were able to pray with them…

And thank the Lord for allowing us the privilege of showing them who He is and how much He truly cares for each and every one of them.

I am so proud of precious Rosa…

For her strength, her courage, and for her willingness to keep believing that there is hope in this world.