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this thankful heart

Oh, I have so much to update you on.  We’ve had a busy and very blessed weekend. 

I started working on a long catch up post–until I came to this picture. It made my heart stand still tonight.  Isn’t it amazing how one photo can express everything that is in your heart.




Two hearts knit together by the love of a child on the other side of the world.

Today I made a precious friend. She will always have a piece of my heart…because she’s adopting a piece of my heart. A little girl who, at one time, I thought no one would ever go for.  A little angel who I came to love with all my heart–and many of you have too.

Nothing is impossible for God, is it?

Today we met the Schwenzer family. They are Julia’s family.

I can tell you one thing for sure, sweet friends…of all the many people who inquired about Julia and the possibility of adopting her, God knew the ONE family who He would choose to GO.  These people love Julia with a passion.  They are longing to bring her home.  Longing with all their hearts. 

Today we sat and listened as Steve and Carey shared their hearts with their church family.  We shed tears with them.  We prayed together.  And we trusted that the Lord would make the path before them straight. 

We know with all our hearts that He will.

Sweet Julia, you are loved more than words can say.  You are so wanted.  You are so needed.  You are cherished beyond description.  Today I saw with my own eyes how many people are praying you all the way home, sweet girl.  You have no idea…the love, the hugs, the cuddles, the acceptance…it’s all waiting for you.  Keep fighting your fight. Please keep fighting!  Soon you will be wrapped tightly in the arms that are longing to hold you, and never let you go.  How thankful I am that I too will get to cuddle you–not through the bars of a crib, but actually holding you in my arms this time.  I can hardly wait for that day.

With a heart of thankfulness for our God who cares so deeply about the things we care about. 

We love you, Schwenzers.  Thank you for loving Julia.