three little angels in need

My inbox is flooded with e-mails.  Overflowing!

The majority of them are from people wanting to know more about Hasya’s orphanage.  Lots of you have asked me, “Are there any other children available for adoption from that orphanage?”

Yes!  There are!

Right now there are THREE beautiful little girls just waiting for someone to go and scoop them up.  They are all so, so darling.

This is Sarah.  Quite honestly, I have no idea why this precious little lovie is still waiting for a family.  She is six years old and has been listed for weeks now….and still no one has said, “That’s our daughter!”  I don’t understand.  Sarah is blind, for goodness sakes. That’s nothing! From what I have been told from many friends who have adopted blind children, it is a very do-able special need.

These children do so amazingly well once home.

Please will someone give sweet Sarah a chance? Like our Hasya, she is going to waste away in that place unless someone rescues her soon.

Sarah’s file will only still be available for a few more weeks.  If a family does not step forward, she will be lost.  Her file will be returned to Bulgaria and Sarah will more than likely never have the opportunity to have a family to call her own.  That’s terrible!  But equally as sad is the message that gets sent to her government…sorry, no one wants this child!  It will confirm what they already feel…that Sarah has no worth or value!

NOOOOO!  Please don’t let that happen.  Please choose Sarah!  She will be such a beautiful addition to any family.

 This cutie pie is Alyssa.

Alyssa is nine years old.  Like many children in this orphanage, she is tiny.  Alyssa is doing pretty well, from what we know. Current medical information on her will be available this coming week.

No matter what is “wrong” with Alyssa, she deserves a family to love her and help her to become ALL who God has created her to be.

This is beautiful Gabby.  She is just three years old.

Updated medical information will soon be available on Gabby too.  What we do know is that she has some type of cranial misconfiguration. How she deserves to be loved and protected….no matter what her future may look like!  I cannot help but think of the best medical treatment that she could get in this country–it would literally change her life completely!  She is an absolute treasure!

These three girls will only be available for adoption for a short period of time.

PLEASE share their urgent need to have families to call their own.

Please give them HOPE!

Please, I’m begging you all, don’t allow these girls to become another one of the many children who become so frail and so weak due to the circumstances they are forced to live in.  Please say YES and get them out of there before it is too late.

Share, friends!  Social media has been such HUGE blessing and has helped countless children find their forever families.  Please help these sweet lovies to come home. 

Anyone wanting more information on these three girls can contact my friend, Shelley, at [email protected]