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time is running out fast

Today I found out that this sweet boy has just SIX DAYS left to find a family.

Six short days!  Oh my goodness.

This is Kristopher.

He is living in the same country as our beautiful Hasya.

Except, thankfully he is in one of the better orphanages in that country. He is receiving care which is probably as good as it gets for a child living in an institution.

Kristopher’s special needs are mild, friends. He has cataracts which are being repaired in his country. He has the usual delays which come from living in an institution.  Quite honestly, I am so surprised that this little boy has not been scooped up yet.  He has been overlooked so many times. 

Unfortunately now time is not on his side. 

There are many videos of this sweet boy. He DOES have vision–he reaches for things, plays with toys, he follows people around the room, and purposefully hits a hanging toy in front of him.


Please share Kristopher’s urgent need for a family to rise up and claim him as their son.  He is so young and will blossom and grow in a family.  Sadly, once his file is returned next week, Kristopher will spend the rest of his life in an institution–without much hope at all. What a little cherub he will be to someone willing to give him a chance!

Please don’t let this boy remain where he is!  Please don’t let him become another awful statistic of a child who deteriorates so badly simply from living in an institution. Go and watch the documentary Anthony posted on his blog and SEE what happens to these children.  It will give you an understanding of how DESPERATE it is that they be rescued while they are still young! Go and watch it–it will change your life!  THIS is why we advocate.  THIS is why we give every free minute of our time to the cause of the fatherless. 

Please, please will someone open their hearts and their home to Kristopher?

Anyone wanting more information about adopting Kristopher can contact Shelley at [email protected].  Serious inquiries only, please.

Thanks for praying and trusting that Kristopher will be rescued soon! 

Please share….it is the ONLY way his family will find him!