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time out

It’s been so good for me to have a little break from all things blog/computer/adoption related over the last few days.  I went to a women’s retreat with a few ladies whom I love.  It was good.  Very good. I left my computer at home and just went to be with the Father.  I really needed a time of refreshing.

It was so wonderful to get away for a while, as short as it was.  Just time to regroup and be refreshed.  Anthony and the kids did fabulously well while I was gone.  He is just the best daddy ever–dude totally took our seven plus a bunch of the neighbor’s kids to the pool for the day.  All on his own!  Yup…superdaddy.

I’m happy to be home.  I hardly ever go away, but when I do I miss my family like crazy.

The rest of our holiday weekend will be slower in pace–more trips to the pool, sweet moments together and anything to do with housework will be put on hold until Tuesday–it can just wait.

I have so much to share and lots to catch up on.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

I hope you’re all having a blessed holiday weekend.

Love and biggest hugs.